Weather forecasting

NIMH: Snow in Most Parts of the Country

Today, snow is expected in most of the country, significant quantities in western areas. It will rain in the Upper Thracian Plain and along the Black Sea. In most of the country, moderate to strong winds will shift to the north-northeast. Maximum temperatures between 0C and 5C, in far southeastern areas and along the Black Sea coast -- up to 7-8C.

Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny and Warm

The weather will be mostly sunny today. Around noon in eastern Bulgaria clouds will increase but no rain expected. There will be light northwest wind; in southeast Bulgaria - a light to moderate wind will blow from the northeast.

Maximum temperatures between 13C and 18C. The atmospheric pressure is higher than the average for March; it will slightly drop in the afternoon.

Weather Forecast: Sunny and Warm

It will be mostly sunny today across the country.

Light wind from the west-northwest. It will warm up and maximum temperatures will reach 16C to 21C, in Sofia around 17C. Atmospheric pressure will be higher than the average for the month; it will slightly lower at the end of the day.

This is the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) weather forecast.

Weather Forecast: Significant Amounts of Rain in Northwestern Bulgaria

Today, before noon, it will rain throughout the country, with significant amounts expected in places in the northwest. In the evening the rain will gradually stop. A moderate to strong wind will blow from the west-northwest. Maximum temperatures will range from 5-7C in western Bulgaria to 11- 13C to the east.

Weather Forecast: Highs between 16C and 21C

Today, clouds will be broken during the day but will increase in the afternoon and into the evening, no precipitation expected. Moderate, at times strong and gusty southwest winds, will raise temperatures significantly in areas north of the mountains. For most of the country highs between 16C and 21C are forecast. Atmospheric pressure will drop and be much lower than the average for the month.

Sunny and Warm Today

It will be mostly sunny today. In the morning, fog or low clouds will form in some places in lowland areas. It will be fairly calm before noon, with light to moderate west-northwest winds around noon and in the afternoon.

Maximum temperatures expected between 13C and 18C, in Sofia - 15C. Atmospheric pressure will continue to drop and will approach the monthly average.

Mostly Sunny in Bulgaria Today

Today, the weather across Bulgaria will be mostly sunny. In the morning, fog or low clouds expected only in some lowland areas. A light south-southwest wind will blow in the eastern part of the country.

Maximum temperatures between 11C and 16C, in Sofia - around 12C. Atmospheric pressure will drop but will remain higher than average for the month.