Weather hazards

Heavy rainfall hits Istanbul

The Turkish State Meteorological Service has issued a warning for heavy rains expected in the metropolis of Istanbul and 21 provinces on July 9. Following the warning, heavy rainfall has started to take affect in Istanbul and other provinces at midnight. 

Storm in Sofia, Underpasses Flooded

A heavy storm in the capital this morning flooded the underpasses in the center.

Shortly before 9 o'clock the sky darkened and torrential rains began. A yellow code has been announced for Sofia city due to heavy rains and thunderstorms today. The amount of precipitation that is expected to fall is up to 20 liters/sq.m. There are also conditions for hail.

Heavy snowfall blankets Turkey’s east in mid-April

Turkey's eastern provinces have been hit by heavy snowfalls in the middle of April, with the snow depth reaching some 20 centimeters in the center of Kars, a province bordering Armenia.

"People swim at the Aegean coasts, we are shoveling snow here in April," Güven Öztürk, a resident of Kars, told Demirören News Agency on April 13.

Climate change brings extreme, early impact to South America

Scientists have long been warning that extreme weather would cause calamity in the future. But in South America, which in just the last month has had deadly landslides in Brazil, wildfire in Argentine wetlands and flooding in the Amazon so severe it ruined harvests, that future is already here.