Weather Forecast: Cloudy and Windy

Today, moderate, occasionally strong southwestern winds, will continue to bring warm air. Variable cloudiness, considerable before noon in western Bulgaria, where patchy light rain is forecast. Maximum temperatures between 16C and 21C. Atmospheric pressure will drop and be slightly lower than the March average.

Weather Forecast: Highs between 16C and 21C

Today, clouds will be broken during the day but will increase in the afternoon and into the evening, no precipitation expected. Moderate, at times strong and gusty southwest winds, will raise temperatures significantly in areas north of the mountains. For most of the country highs between 16C and 21C are forecast. Atmospheric pressure will drop and be much lower than the average for the month.

Weather Forecast: Windy but Warm for the Season

A cold front will pass through the country today. It will be windy before noon in northern Bulgaria, in the afternoon also in the south, with strong to stormy northwestern winds, gusts up to 25 m/s in some places. The cloudiness will be variable, but no precipitation is expected. Maximum temperatures mostly between 12C and 17C.

Sunny and Warm Today

It will be mostly sunny today. In the morning, fog or low clouds will form in some places in lowland areas. It will be fairly calm before noon, with light to moderate west-northwest winds around noon and in the afternoon.

Maximum temperatures expected between 13C and 18C, in Sofia - 15C. Atmospheric pressure will continue to drop and will approach the monthly average.

Mostly Sunny in Bulgaria Today

Today, the weather across Bulgaria will be mostly sunny. In the morning, fog or low clouds expected only in some lowland areas. A light south-southwest wind will blow in the eastern part of the country.

Maximum temperatures between 11C and 16C, in Sofia - around 12C. Atmospheric pressure will drop but will remain higher than average for the month.

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures mostly between 9C and 14C

Today, cloud cover over much of the country will be considerable. In the afternoon, rain is forecast in the west, and later in central Bulgaria, as well. Light south winds will continue to blow, increasing to moderate in the east.

Maximum temperatures mostly between 9C and 14C. Atmospheric pressure will drop and be below average for the month.

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 6C and 11C

Today, from north to south, clouds will break and rain will stop, at the latest in the far southern areas. Moderate west-southwesterly winds will switch to the northwest and pick up in the afternoon, bringing cold air. Maximum temperatures expected between 6C and 11C. Atmospheric pressure will rise and be higher than the average for the month.

Chief meteorologist Mateescu says 2019 warmest year since 2000

Director of the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) Elena Mateescu told AGERPRES on Tuesday that 2019 was the warmest year in the history of meteorological measurements since 1900, adding that the trend will be rising throughput the century if greenhouse gas emissions continue.