Simonovic:Most difficult situation on Belgrade-Bar rail line

BELGRADE - Serbian Railways CEO Dragoljub Simonovic has voiced expectation on Monday that rail traffic in Serbia will get back to normal very soon, expect on a stretch of the Belgrade Bar rail line.

Simonovic explained that flash floods dislocated a 1.5 km stretch of tracks by as many as five meters, while a mudslide blocked access to the railway near the village of Gradac.

Great Morava inundates regional road

SVILAJNAC - The swollen Great Morava river has flooded a regional motorway leading to Svilajnac, hampering efforts to deliver relief aid to the flood-hit town in central Serbia, Svilajnac Mayor Predrag Milanovic told Tanjug on Monday.

Parts of the road connecting Svilajnac with the motorway from Belgrade to Nis (E75) has been flooded.

Bulgaria's Lom Prepares for Flood amid Heavy Rains in Western Balkans

The water level of the Danube River near Bulgaria's Lom rose by 54 centimeters over the past 24 hours to 824 centimeters, causing the lowest sections of the port to get flooded.

Work continues only in the high berths of the port complex, while the activities at the other ones have been stopped and power supply has been cut, according to reports of the Bulgarian National Radio.

Pope calls on faithful to pray for flood victims

Pope calls on faithful to pray for flood victims

ROME -- Roman Catholic Pope Francis has called on the worshipers gathered at St. Peter's Square in Rome to join him in prayer for the flood victims in the Balkans.

Mentioning the floods in the region during his weekly address, he also told the the families of the victims that they had his support.