Bulgarian Drivers Advised to Put Winter Tires

Bulgaria’s traffic police has warned drivers to put winter tires on their cars for travelling in the higher regions over the weekend.

The unseasonably cold weather will persist throughout the weekend, with snowfall likely in the mountainous areas. With temperatures dropping overnight, the wet surface of the roads could turn to ice in some places.

April Snow Surprises Sofia

Citizens of Bulgaria's capital Sofia awoke on Wednesday morning to see snowfall outside their windows.

Unseasonably cold temperatures have gripped much of the country just days before the Easter holidays. In the higher areas, snow cleaning vehicles had to be dispatched overnight.

Serbia assists Slovenia in emergency situation

BELGRADE - The Republic of Serbia has sent Slovenia, in which the emergency situation is in force, five high-capacity generators in an effort to assist citizens in the areas most affected by severe weather conditions.

According to the Monday release of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior (MUP), the assistance was sent via the Serbian emergency situations department.