Airbnb cuts 1,900 jobs as coronavirus hits home rentals

Airbnb Inc is laying off 25 percent of its workforce, or nearly 1,900 employees, the home rental startup said on Tuesday, as the Covid-19 pandemic brings global travel to a near standstill.

"Airbnb's business has been hit hard, with revenue this year forecasted to be less than half of what we earned in 2019," founder Brian Chesky said in a memo to employees.

Global Lockdown a Boon for Romania’s Adult Live Cam Providers

Their company, Studio 20 Double D, was ticking along nicely, but then COVID-19 struck and Manole was flooded with job applications and new clients.

"Applications increased by 100 per cent and the number of users doubled," Manole told BIRN.

"Ours is a business that works in a situation like this."

Romania is a global leader in adult live camming.

German reporting on Croatian Public Service (HRT): Atmosphere resembling North Korea

The author of the report is German journalist Grit Eggerickx, who arrived in Croatia through an exchange of journalists program to deal with environmental issues, but soon noticed that the very way HRT works, including its censorship, represents an interesting topic, reports.

The Head of the "Tokyo Palace" Museum Was Fired After Calling to ‘Shoot Down’ Greta Thunberg

The head of the Amis du Palais de Tokyo (Friends of Tokyo Palace) Bernard Chenebault has been fired for calling for the assassination of Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, TASS reported.

According to Saturday's newspaper, Chenebault made a comment on Facebook regarding the emotional speech of 16-year-old Greta Thunberg at the UN General Assembly session:

Government mulls tax on Aibnb, short-term rentals

The tourism ministry is considering imposing a tax on short-term rentals such as Airbnb on the grounds that it would establish equal treatment with hotel accommodations.

As the daily Ta Nea has reported, sources say that Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis is planning to table a bill in Parliament that would substantially change the framework set by the previous government.