Virgin Galactic rockets first tourist passengers into space

Virgin Galactic launched its first tourist passengers into the weightlessness of space Thursday, the culmination of a nearly two-decade commercial pursuit, the company said.

The three passengers -- Jon Goodwin, Keisha Schahaff, and her teenage daughter Anastatia Mayers - floated gravity-free through the Virgin spacecraft about 45 minutes after taking off.

Getting paid to lie in bed

Bed rest studies are a popular if controversial way to make money and Slovenians seem very keen to give it a try. The first such study in Slovenia, which offers €12,000 for two months, has seen applications pouring in.

NASA Predicts People on Mars Within 25 Years

US space agency NASA believes it can put humans on Mars within 25 years but the technological and medical hurdles are immense, reported Aljazeera.

Deadly radiation from the cosmos, potential vision loss, and atrophying bones are just some of the challenges scientists must overcome before any future astronaut can set foot on the Red Planet, top NASA officials said on Tuesday.

Learning to fly with NASA’s spacewalk simulator (VIDEO)

What you’re looking at is not a production set photo from Gravity, but rather a training simulation for Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen. He’s suspended over a mockup of the International Space Station (ISS), while attached to the Active Response Gravity Offload System (ARGOS) at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.