The Humpback Whale in the Thames River Was Found Dead

The humpback whale, seen in the River Thames, was found dead east of London between Crayford Ness and the Queen Elizabeth II bridge, Dartford and will be autopsied, Reuters reported.

The 10m long whale was found dead in the shallows in Greenhithe, Kent, yesterday and was transported to London during the night.

The London Zoo will investigate the cause of the whale's death.

Whale was Detained in Norway on Suspicion of Being a Russian Spy

A whale found on the coast of Norway, carrying a special Russian harness and probably trained by the Russian navy, said a Norwegian expert, quoted by the BBC.

Marine biologist Professor Awund Rickardsen explained that the harness has a GoPro camera holder and a label that points to St. Petersburg. Norwegian fisherman managed to remove it from the whale.

Japan kills 177 whales in Pacific campaign: Gov't

Japan said on Sept. 26 it killed 177 whales off its northeast coast in an annual hunt that sparks anger among animal rights activists and others.

Three ships which left port in June returned with 43 minke whales and 134 sei whales, the number stipulated beforehand, according to the country's fisheries agency.