Europe must do more against 'catastrophic' climate risks: EU

Europe could suffer "catastrophic" consequences from climate change if it fails to take urgent and decisive action to adapt to risks, a new EU analysis warned Monday.

Areas in southern Europe are most at risk, the European Environment Agency (EEA) said in its first report on the climate risks the continent faces.

Greek farmers join tractor protest in front of parliament for second day

Greek farmers honked their tractor horns in front of parliament on Wednesday after spending the night in central Athens as their protest against rising fuel and production costs stretched into a second day.

At least 8,000 farmers, beekeepers and livestock breeders joined the protest on Syntagma Square on Tuesday, echoing grievances at similar demonstrations across Europe.

Chile Declares State of Emergency as Wildfires Claim at Least 112 Lives

Chile is grappling with a devastating wildfire crisis in the Valparaiso province, where at least 112 lives have already been lost. President Gabriel Boric, after visiting the most affected areas, declared a state of emergency, initiating a two-day national mourning period.

Farmers protest at Thessaloniki agriculture fair

Protesting farmers with their tractors take part in a rally outside an agricultural fair in the port city of Thessaloniki, northern Greece, Thursday. Greek farmers - hit by rising costs and crop damage caused by recent floods and wildfires - are threatening to block highways to press demands for tax relief and higher subsidy payments. [Giannis Papanikos/AP]

Bush fire breaks out on Kea island

A bush fire broke out on the Cycladic island of Kea on Friday afternoon.

According to fire service reports, the blaze has spread across an area of sparse vegetation between towns, specifically Coressia and Ioulis, neither of which are in immediate danger.

Extinguishing efforts have been undertaken by two of the island's volunteer fire-fighting vehicles.

Points first, then funding

It would be highly beneficial to have information about the financial stability of municipalities, the fiscal prudence of mayors, and their contributions to civil protection, environmental initiatives, and enhancing citizens' daily lives before each local election.