Extreme weather, extreme cost

The cost Greece pays due to extreme weather phenomena is now 50 times more compared to 2013, and these are costs paid by the state, the citizens, and large and small businesses. The latter indeed paid a heavy price in 2023, especially in areas affected by extreme weather events, such as Thessaly.

Greece Implements Ban on Open Fires Beginning Today

Greek authorities have taken proactive measures as they announce the commencement of the forest fire season, as reported by the Greek publication Kathimerini. The decision comes in response to unusually high temperatures, low rainfall, and strong winds, setting the stage for potentially hazardous fire conditions.

Fire ban starts early

The combination of unseasonably warm temperatures, low rainfall and strong winds has prompted authorities to declare wildfire season open as of Monday, April 15, the earliest Greece has ever started implementing fire prevention measures.

Europe’s wildfires in 2023 were among the worst this century, report says

The 2023 wildfire season in Europe was among the worst this century, according to a European Commission report published on Wednesday.

Last year, more than half a million (504,002) hectares, an area twice the size of Luxembourg, was scorched by wildfires, according to a report on Forest Fires in Europe, Middle East and North Africa 2023 by the Commission's Joint Research Centre.

Drought sees fires beginning as early as March

The fire season may formally begin on May 1, but forest fires started at the end of March this year, causing particular concern. Indicatively, a fire broke out on Mt Taygetos, southern Greece on March 26, followed by another in the Pieria range in the north, at an altitude where they are not a common occurrence, while 250 hectares burnt in Ierapetra on Crete last weekend.

Larissa battles forest blaze amid nationwide firefighting effort

A forest fire broke out in the Elafos area of Larissa, central Greece, with 70 fires reported nationwide in the past 24 hours, according to the fire brigade. 

In Larissa, 42 firefighters, supported by two foot patrol teams, 14 vehicles, and aircraft, are battling the blaze. 

Of the nationwide fires, 57 were swiftly contained, while 13 remain active.