Record tourist numbers in Greece despite heatwave, fires


The number of tourists visiting Greece has hit a record high since the start of the year, despite a heatwave and fierce wildfires over the summer, according to official statistics.

From January to the end of August, 22.65 million people visited the Mediterranean country renowned for its Aegean islands and ancient sites such as the Acropolis in the capital Athens.

A massive wildfire in northeastern Greece is gradually abating. Over 700 firefighters were deployed

A massive wildfire that decimated vast tracts of forest in northeastern Greece over 17 days was gradually abating on Monday, although hundreds of firefighters were still tackling pockets that continued to burn, the fire department said.

Joining forces for Evros

The destruction brought by the massive wildfire in Greece's northeastern region of Evros is terrifying. 

Obviously, someone is to blame for how a blaze that broke out in such a sensitive area was allowed to turn into an uncontrollable megafire, destroying property and unique natural capital. 

Wildfire abates in Evros as satellite data exposes magnitude of disaster

The wildfire in Evros, in northeastern Greece, where firefighting efforts continue for the 17th consecutive day, is abating on Monday.

As reported by the public broadcaster ERT, there hasn't been an active front since late Sunday; nevertheless, over 93,000 hectares have been reduced to ashes.

Evros fire enters 16th day, fire more manageable

On the 16th day of the wildfires in Evros, the primary wildfire front was located south of the village of Soufli, between Leukimis and Provatonas, according to Greek Fire Service spokesperson Ioannis Artopios. 

On Sunday morning he explained on the Greek state broadcaster ERT that the efforts are concentrated in the area south of Dadia forest. 

Irrational behavior

Whether the prime minister's outburst in Parliament on Thursday during a debate about the government's handling of the wildfires was staged or spontaneous, it had its significance. He accused the leader of nationalist Greek Solution of peddling fake news and conspiracy theories. "You say whatever nonsense comes into your head. Enough.