Weather Today in Bulgaria

Thursday before noon will be partly sunny. In the afternoon, cumulus and rainy clouds will develop and in many places in the western half of the country there will be short-term, temporarily intense rainfall.

 In Northwestern Bulgaria there will be thunderstorms and hail conditions. A light wind will blow from the south-southwest, before noon in Eastern Bulgaria - from the southeast.

ANM: Code Orange of snowfall and snowstorm in 13 counties

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) on Wednesday issued a series of Code Yellow and Code Orange alerts of snowfall and blizzard in the mountainous and sub-mountainous areas, respectively a bad weather information targeting the entire country, which will take effect on Thursday morning.

Weather in Bulgaria: Sunny and Warm Today, Rain and Snow on Saturday

In the coming days, the weather will be changeable, typical of the month.

Today it's going to be sunny. Along the Danube plain light and temporarily moderate wind will blow from the west. Daytime temperatures will reach 12 to 17-18 degrees.

At night, the sky be clear. Light southwestern wind in the northeastern parts of the country will be rising to moderate.

Weather in Bulgaria: Code Yellow for Stormy Winds, Cloudy and Rainy

Today before noon it will be cloudy with occasional rainfalls. In the afternoon rains will stop, at the latest in the eastern regions. Clouds will temporarily break. Moderate south-southwestern wind will rise to strong in eastern Bulgaria and to the north of the mountains. The national weather service declared a warning code yellow for the whole country owing to the expected stormy winds.

Weather in Bulgaria: Still Warm and Quiet

Warming trend will continue today, the national weather service reports. In some regions of Bulgaria day temperatures may reach 15 C.

Light wind from south-southwest will rise to moderate in the eastern parts of the country. In the coming days the warm spell will persist.

The atmospheric pressure is higher than average but will keep falling.