Weather In Bulgaria: Temperatures Continue To Rise

During the night, the cloudiness will be broken. After midnight, in some areas, mainly in the valleys and lowlands of Southern Bulgaria, fog will form. In Eastern Bulgaria, there will be a light southerly wind, while the rest of the country will experience mostly calm conditions. Minimum temperatures will range between 0°C and 5°C, around 2°C in Sofia.

Weather In Bulgaria: Mostly Sunny On Thursday

During the night, cloudiness will continue to break up and decrease, with clear skies over most of the country. A weak southerly wind will be present. Minimum temperatures will range between -2° and 3°, and -1° in Sofia. Tomorrow will be mainly sunny with temporary increases in cloudiness. Before noon, visibility may be reduced in some low-lying areas and valleys.

Weather In Bulgaria On February 17-18: Contrasting Conditions Sweep The Country

Starting with tomorrow, February 17, Western Bulgaria is set to bask in the warmth of a sunny day, a welcome respite from the winter chill. However, the eastern part of the country is not as fortunate, as cloudy skies loom overhead, unleashing intermittent rain showers upon the region. Accompanying this atmospheric divide is a light to moderate northerly wind, gently caressing the land.

Weather In Bulgaria on 16 February: Sunny Hours Are Expected

Tonight, quiet and clear weather is expected over the western part of the country. Over Eastern Bulgaria, it will be cloudy, in isolated areas, there will be light rainfall; a light to moderate north-northeast wind is expected. Minimum temperatures will range between 3° and 2°, slightly higher in the eastern regions; in Sofia, around -3°.

Weather In Bulgaria On February 15: Sunny In The West And Cloudy Along The Coast

During the night, in the western part of the country, cloudiness will decrease to mainly clear weather, while the eastern part will remain cloudy with rain showers in some areas. Tomorrow, it will be sunny in Western and Central Bulgaria, while the eastern regions will remain cloudy and rainy, mainly in Southeastern Bulgaria.

Weather In Bulgaria On February 13: Cloudy And Rainy In Some Areas

During the night, predominantly cloudy weather with occasional breaks in the clouds is expected over western regions. Rainfall is anticipated mainly in the eastern part of the country. The wind will be weak to moderate, initially from the southwest before shifting to the northwest after midnight. Minimum temperatures will range between 3°C and 8°C, with around 4°C in Sofia.