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Peace OFF: The first Greek online role playing game (vid)

A unique game of misunderstandings involving a peacemaker, zombies, pirates and ninjas created by a Greek team has gain many fans worldwide.

The misunderstandings start from the name of the game, Peace OFF, to the famous song ‘Give Peace A Chance’ which is misinterpreted  as ‘do not give peace a chance’!

Can Turkey have an e-sports future?

Every politician likes to say that Turkey has great potential for everything due to its young population. The subject could be soccer or technology or literature or arts, it doesn't matter; Turkey always has potential. The problem is that we never seem to realize the potential we have. 

Can e-sports be any different? 

Make war! Yes, you, too can join in the defense of Greece!

Entrepreneurs are exploiting the Greek economic crisis to market their wares. Soon after the launching of Grexit vodka on June 30, comes a new product – a tower defense game during the defense era but using steam-powered machines and robots as well. The game requires young “recruits” to digitally defend Greece against hordes of enemies trying to take over the country.

Don't get into a moral panic with so-called violent video games

According to news reports, Turkey?s Family and Social Policies Ministry is considering a ban on the game Minecraft, concerned it promotes violence and social isolation. This ban is opposed by Turkish scholars who are concerned research does not support it and the ban amounts to censorship. I?m an American scholar who studies video game violence, so I follow these issues closely.