Wingsuit flying

Adventurers fly over Turkish riviera with breathtaking shows

Ölüdeniz, a perfect destination in the Turkish riviera for nature lovers with its magnificent scenery, turquoise glassy sea, and blue eco-friendly beaches, hosts parachute 2,000 jumpers from all over the world to celebrate the International Air Games Festival and to fly over the world-famous Blue Lagoon as well.

Official dons wingsuit every day to get home

An official working at a cable car facility in Fethiye's Mount Babadağ flies his way to his house in his wingsuit every day after work.

Cengiz Koçak began parachuting in 1991 by jumping off from airplanes when he was a cadet and became a free-type paratrooper while serving as a non-commissioned officer in the Kayseri 1st Commando Brigade.