Athens seeks air defense system like Iron Dome

The reference on Wednesday by Defense Minister Nikos Dendias to the need for a protective anti-aircraft system brought back to the fore a debate which has being continuing at the level of the country's military leadership over the last few years - long before the demonstration of Israel's capabilities against enemy missiles and rockets.

Inspections straight out of Hollywood

Covert operations with the help of drones, digital maps, GPS systems through which targets are located; dozens of screens broadcast directly what the elite units see as they await instructions from the center for their intervention: The tax administration's operations center resembles a Hollywood movie scene.

What the war in Ukraine is teaching us

The conflict in Ukraine has brought about a paradigm shift, altering the very nature of warfare in the 21st century. These changes are profound, making it clear that some cost-effective unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have the potential to inflict far greater damage than their highly expensive traditional counterparts, such as warplanes.