Workplace bullying

Building defenses in schools

The increase in violence and bullying at Greek schools is not and should not be treated as a public order issue.

Educators should have the tools to mobilize the school community and social services when they see a student showing problematic behavior, before the problem reaches the police. 

Schools themselves need to be strengthened to control the bullying epidemic.

Employers, managers behind most work abuse

Six out of 10 people that are reported for incidents of violence and harassment in the workplace are employers or persons exercising managerial authority or representing the employer, according to the results of the annual report of the relevant Labor Inspectorate department that monitors violence and harassment at work.

Proposal submitted to end attacks on health workers

Greece's Medical Association (PIS) has proposed measures to protect doctors and healthcare professionals from workplace violence, which grew during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The proposals were submitted to the Health Ministry ahead of March 12, which is European Day to Fight Violence against Doctors and Health Professionals. 

The trial of Mika Aleksić continues

Aleksi was accused of multiple rapes and sexual harassment of female students at his school.
It is expected that at today's hearing, the questioning of one of the injured parties, which began at the previous hearing, will be continued. Aleksi was met in front of the Palace building, as in the previous hearings, by activists with a banner reading "We believe in Milena Radulovi".

Reporting Harassment of Female Journalists in Greek Media

Illustration: / The Climate Reality Project

Many artists and athletes have since spoken out about their own stories of abuse. Male and female journalists have called on female colleagues to speak openly about sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. The Journalists' Unions of the Athens Daily Newspaper also encouraged its members to speak out.