Border guard contracts renewed

The financing for the renewal of the term of office of 800 fixed-term border guards in the eastern Aegean has been decided by the managing authority of the Migration Ministry.

The move aims to strengthen the operational capacity of the Hellenic Police for the protection and surveillance of the country's external borders.

Greece seventh in the EU in Horizon Europe program

Greece ranked seventh among the European Union's 27 member-states both in approved projects and in funding in the Horizon Europe program for research and innovation over 2021-2022, the National Documentation Center said on Thursday.

Greece accounted for 829 projects, or 16.5% of all EU states' projects, and approved funding of 644.72 million euros, or 4.5% of all EU projects.

Greeks opting for bigger homes

The trend of a greater part of the buying public turning toward the acquisition of larger homes is consolidating, something which began to be reflected in the market especially after the outbreak of the pandemic.

According to a nationwide survey by RE/MAX Greece, one in two buyers now prefers the acquisition of a residence of more than 75 square meters.

EU approves 11th sanctions package against Russia over Ukraine

European Union governments agreed on Wednesday to an 11th package of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, aimed at stopping other countries and companies from circumventing existing measures.

The new package, tweeted by Sweden as EU president, forbids transit via Russia of an expanded list of goods and technology which might aid Russia's military or security sector.

Euractiv: Bulgaria enters Schengen in 2 Stages

Bulgaria will in all probability enter Schengen by the end of the year and the admission will be in two stages. In October, border control at the airports will be abolished, and in January 2024 - the ground control as well.

This was reported by the Brussels-based publication Euractiv, citing sources from diplomatic circles in Brussels, the Bulgarian parliament and the government.

Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War on the Middle East

The Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on for 16 months already, has generated significant implications of the political scene of the Middle East, where the war has exposed the complexities of the calculations with which the states of the region are faced as a result of the escalation of international relations and the siding of the countries world-wide with one of the two groups - the gr