Netflix meets outrage in Egypt with risque comedy-drama

Netflix's first Arabic film production was always set to be a big event, but within days of its release, public opinion in Egypt was so inflamed that critics called for a ban on the platform.

"Ashab wala Aaz," one of countless remakes of the Italian comedy-drama "Perfetti Sconosciutti" (Perfect Strangers), features renowned actors from Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.

Three Memoranda were signed Today between Bulgaria and North Macedonia

At today's joint meeting of the governments of Bulgaria and North Macedonia, three memoranda of understanding were signed for cooperation in agriculture, between small and medium enterprises, and for the development of the Sofia-Skopje railway, which is part of the large Corridor №8 project.

Armenia warm to attend Antalya diplomacy forum: PM Pashinyan

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Jan. 14 that Armenia will likely attend this year's Antalya Diplomacy Forum in Turkey's southern province of Antalya.

"Our special representatives have met. If the process continues like this, it is highly possible that Armenia will participate in the Antalya Diplomacy Forum," he said at a virtual news conference.

On NATO's request, North Macedonia will take part; Croatia: We will withdraw soldiers

North Macedonia is in favor of a diplomatic solution to the dispute between Russia and Ukraine, but there is a possibility that it will get involved in a possible conflict, if NATO asks for something like that, said the Minister of Defense, Slavjanka Petrovska.
Such a move would be possible only with the consent of the President of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski.

Germany Forbids Estonia to Transfer German-Made Weapons to Ukraine

Germany prevents Estonia from providing military support to Ukraine by refusing to issue permits for the export of weapons of German origin to Kiev amid a potential Russian invasion, writes the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

Unlike the United States, Britain, Poland and other allies, the German government has refused to export deadly weapons directly to Ukraine.

Hojs attends two-day conference on migrations in Lithuania

Ljubljana – Interior Minister Aleš Hojs attended a two-day conference on migrations in Vilnius on Thursday and Friday, which discussed the issues of using migrations for political gains and common measures to strengthen surveillance at the EU’s external borders in light of increased migrations.

Romania Offers Moldova Financial Aid to Ease Gas Crisis

Romania's government on Wednesday approved a 100-million-euros financial support package for Moldova to help it deal with a looming energy crisis.

Romania's financial assistance comes at a difficult time for its neighbour, after Russian energy giant Gazprom warned it would stop supplying gas to Moldova if its Moldovagaz subsidiary does not pay outstanding debts within two days.