Cuba Pulled 226 Doctors from Bolivia

A group of 226 Cuban doctors are returning from Bolivia to Cuba after a decision by the Havana authorities taken due to a change in Bolivia's governance, according to BGNES.

Rolando Millares, Interpol's Bolivian spokesman, said a plane with 226 Cuban nationals had flown to Cuba, adding that all the passengers were doctors returning to Cuba.

Countries around the World Are Seeking Compensation from London for Brexit

Countries including Australia have asked for trade compensation from the UK and the EU over Brexit disruption, BBC reported.

During negotiations at the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Australia said its exports of beef and lamb had already suffered because of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Italy Announced a National State of Emergency due to the Catastrophic Flood in Venice

The Italian government announced a national state of emergency on Thursday evening due to the catastrophic flood in Venice, world agencies have reported.

Floodwater levels in Venice reached the highest level in more than 50 years, DW reported.

EU Enlargement Nominee Eyes 2020 Serbia-Kosovo Deal

Hungary's candidate for the post of European Union enlargement commissioner set out an ambitious plan for integration of the Balkan region before the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee on Thursday, including a target of 2020 to broker a deal to settle relations between Serbia and its former southern province, Kosovo.

Tusk: I kept saying that Russia was a strategic problem - I was labeled a monomaniac

"I had to publicly remind others, almost every week, that Russia is not our 'strategic partner', but our 'strategic problem'," the outgoing EU Council President said. "I was even labeled a 'monomaniac', for being so focused on this subject", Tusk said speaking at the College of Europe in Bruges, as reported by Russian News Agency Tass.

Chinese visitors set to increase amid closer ties

Tourism cooperation between China and Greece is booming as the cradle of Western civilization is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Chinese travelers.
Between 150,000 and 200,000 Chinese tourists visited Greece last year, an increase of over 20 percent from the year before, according to the Beijing Office of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO).