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Facebook Employees Protesting Against Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook employees are staging a rare protest against the company for leaving up a post from President Donald Trump they say could incite violence. The employees, who began publicly criticizing the social network on Twitter over the weekend, have escalated their disapproval by staging a virtual walkout and symbolically changing their workplace profile pictures. 

Music Industry’s ‘Blackout Tuesday’ Anti-Racism Campaign Sparks Solidarity

The Blackout Tuesday online day of action, intended to show solidarity with ongoing protests in the US against racism and police brutality, drew support from several festivals, clubs, media and music companies in the Balkans, Turkey and Poland on Tuesday.

Reduced Banking Activity Leads to a Decline in Paid Ad Impressions amid Pandemic

Data obtained by indicates that the banking industry paid ad impression declined by 68.57% in the first 22 weeks of 2020 compared to a similar period last year.  The slump is a direct impact of the Coronavirus pandemic that has affected most sectors of the economy.

Reduced banking activity leads to a decline in paid ad impressions

Over 450,000 apply to online software training program

More than 450,000 people applied to the Turkish Treasury and Finance Ministry's project to train software developers, according to a statement by the Finance Minister Berat Albayrak on April 30.
"The youth has shown a great favor in our '1 Million Software Developers' project. The number of applicants reached 451,000 in a week time," he said on his Twitter account.

‘Dairy Philosopher’ to make home-made films for YouTube

In 2015, his character popularized the philosophy of "something else is possible." Now, five years on, he's planning to do the same thing in real life. Müfit Can Saçıntı, who starred in the 2015 hit "The Dairy Farm Philosopher," is set to put the maxim into practice by turning internet-based cinema into a sustainable business.