European Council head Tusk essentially exposes Greek PM Tsipras in a tweet on EU-28 refugee crisis decision

European Council President Donald Tusk congratulated the countries that blocked their borders to irregular migrants in a tweet. His statement essentially exposes Greek PM Alexis Tsipras who had returned to Greece after the EU Summit on the refugee crisis claiming that the countries that had opted to control their borders from migration flows were isolated by the EU.

A quarter of a million Syrian children living under siege: Report

At least 250,000 Syrian children are living under siege, with many forced to eat animal feed or leaves to survive, where less than 1 percent of people had received United Nations food last year and only 3 percent received health assistance, Save the Children said March 9, as the war's fifth anniversary looms.

EU Leaders Extend Migration Summit to Discuss New Turkish Proposals

European Union leaders extended their emergency summit on migration crisis in Brussels to Monday evening to discuss details of a new plan proposed by Turkey to stop a migrant wave, Reuters reported.

An EU official has told the newswire that the EU leaders needed "some clarifications" about the Turkish proposal and would "work on it intensively in the coming days".      

France tells British voters migrants will flow to Britain after EU exit

France warned Britain on March 3 that it would end border controls and let thousands of migrants move on to Britain if voters backed leaving the European Union. 

It also said it would open its arms to British-based banks wanting to flee an non-EU Britain and stay in the bloc.