Wuhan "welcomed the light of day": Eager to go to the stores

Long life in isolation meant delivering goods.
Many settlements in the city are still separated by two-meter-high plastic walls that were erected at the beginning of the crisis with the aim of social distance and isolation of communities. For this reason, the citizens of Wuhan were completely reliant on online delivery.

China’s current strategy is focusing on preventing COVID-19 transfer from abroad: Ambassador

China developed its own model in the fight against COVID-19 after its appearance in the city of Wuhan in December. Some western countries like the U.S. have been criticized for being too harsh, but China has succeeded in reducing the number of cases with this model.

Day 5 without COVID-19 Contamination: Wuhan's Healthy Residents can Now Return to Work

Residents of the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the new coronavirus was discovered in December, have the right to return to work, and public transport will be resumed after the whole city was quarantined for two months, the BTA quoted France Press as saying.