Xi Jinping

China names 'Wolf Warrior' diplomat as new ambassador in Washington

One of China's most prominent "Wolf Warrior" diplomats was on July 28 announced as his nation's new ambassador to the United States.


The hawkish Qin Gang, a close confidante of President Xi Jinping, has arrived in the U.S. at a time of high tensions between Washington and Beijing, and is expected to deliver a combative message.

Putin and Xi Tighten Embrace amid Souring Relations with West

They're not leaders for life — not technically, at least. But in political reality, the powerful tenures of China's Xi Jinping and, as of this week, Russia's Vladimir Putin are looking as if they will extend much deeper into the 21st century — even as the two superpowers whose destinies they steer gather more clout with each passing year.

China, Russia Show Unity amid Accusations of Human Rights Abuse

The foreign ministers of China and Russia displayed unity at their meeting Tuesday amid criticism and Western sanctions against them over human rights.

Wang Yi and Sergei Lavrov rejected outside sniping at their authoritarian political systems and said they were working to further global progress on issues from climate change to the coronavirus pandemic.

US returns to old "habits", it's been already announced: "There will be consequences"

"China will pay a price for its human rights abuses", US President Joe Biden warned on Tuesday,
He stated that he also discussed this issue by phone with the president of the most populous country in the world, Xi Jinping.
"There will be consequences for China," Biden said during last night's televised address on CNN, as reported by Reuters.