Xi Jinping

China sees potential in Turkey but lack of trust still a problem

Turkey's importance has increased in the eyes of China but a lack of trust as a result of a large information deficit continues to be the main problem obstructing the full potential of bilateral ties, according to Umut Ergunsü, a young academic living in China The main problem between Turkey and China is a lack of communication, lack of knowledge about each other and a corresponding lack

In letter, Chinese leader thanks Nikolic for improving ties

In a letter to his Serbian counterpart, Chinese President Xi Jinping thanked him for the major contribution to improving relations between the two countries.

The letter was delivered to Tomislav Nikolic by Chinese Ambassador in Belgrade Li Manchang, the president's press service said, according to Tanjug.

Chinese officials on ‘prison tours’ as a warning against corruption

Chinese authorities have begun showing government officials and their families around prisons as a “warning” against corruption, according to China Daily newspaper.


70 members of the Communist Party and their wives or husbands visited “former prison officers and stayed in a cell for one day as an educational warning”, according to the newspaper.