Xi Jinping

Chinese officials on ‘prison tours’ as a warning against corruption

Chinese authorities have begun showing government officials and their families around prisons as a “warning” against corruption, according to China Daily newspaper.


70 members of the Communist Party and their wives or husbands visited “former prison officers and stayed in a cell for one day as an educational warning”, according to the newspaper.


China, Russia to Hold Joint Naval Drills in Mediterranean

China and Russia are to hold their first-ever naval drills in the Mediterranean sea in May, international media sources report citing the Defense Ministry in Beijing.

Nine ships will take part in the exercises, with China deploying its vessels that are currently on anti-piracy missions off Somalia, Reuters quotes a spokesman for the ministry as saying.

Railway "significant for Serbia, China, Hungary"

Railway "significant for Serbia, China, Hungary"

BELGRADE -- The project to build the rail line from Belgrade to Budapest is a priority for Serbia, China and Hungary, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said on Wednesday.

He made the remarks during a meeting in Belgrade with Xu Xianping, vice chairman of the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission.