‘I feel a very strong need to speak for those who have no voice’

"I feel a very strong need to speak for those people who have been treated unfairly or those who have no voice. This, I feel, is my mission," award-winning Greek photojournalist Yannis Behrakis, who died on Saturday, told Kathimerini in an interview first published on September 11, 2017.

Renowned photojournalist Yannis Behrakis dies at 58

Yannis Behrakis, one of Reuters' most decorated and best-loved photographers, has died after a long battle with cancer. He was 58.

After joining the news wire 30 years ago, Behrakis covered many of the most tumultuous events around the world, including conflicts in Afghanistan and Chechnya, a huge earthquake in Kashmir and the Egyptian uprising of 2011.

Moralis the Teacher | Athens | To May 5

"Yiannis Moralis: Master Teacher," on display at the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, sheds light on the celebrated Greek artist's capacity as a teacher and on the profound influence he had not just on hundreds of artists who passed through his classroom at the Athens School of Fine Arts from 1947 until 1983, but on the Greek art scene as a whole.

Dragasakis warns that taxpayers may need to foot another banks bill

Deputy Prime Minister Yiannis Dragasakis warned on Wednesday in Parliament of the possibility that local banks may require a fresh capital injection that the Greek taxpayers could once again have to cover.

In doing so, he started to prepare citizens for the consequences of the upcoming plans for tackling nonperforming loans.

Aris Georgiou | Thessaloniki | February 7 - April 7

In "USA-Russia: Draw," the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation at the Kapandji Villa brings together work from photographer Aris Georgiou's collections "America at 78 rpm. A 1978 Travelogue" and "Uncurtained: Russia '98." Curated by Yiannis Epaminondas, the show highlights the similarities and differences between the two great powers at the time of the Greek photographer's visit.