Yordanka Fandakova

Cultural Heritage tour Presented to Mark Sofia’s 140th Anniversary as Capital of Bulgaria

As part of the celebrations marking 140 years since Sofia was declared the capital of Bulgaria, the Culture Directorate and the team of the Historical Routes website organized a tour of part of Sofia's cultural heritage, which is called "Behind the Facades of Sofia homes". On 29th of March, the Sofia mayor Yordanka Fandakova was the first to pass on it, reports BNT. 

In 2018 Sofia Expanded its Video Surveillance System, Now it Includes more than 3,000 Cameras

In 2018, we expanded our video surveillance system with over 320 cameras and now it includes more than 3,000 cameras, Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova said at the opening of the Sofia Municipal Council's session, presenting a report on the activities of Security and Emergency Relief and Prevention directorates for 2018, Focus News Agency reports.

Sofia Hosts a Trade Union Meeting of European Capitals

The President of the Confederation of Labour ''Podkrepa'' Dimitar Manolov will open the 18th annual conference of the Trade Union Network of the European capitals.

They will discuss the opportunities for transport and mobility on the Old Continent.

More than 30 organizations from 12 European cities will join the event.

Sofia Municipality Will Not Give Loan to the Contractor of the Repair of "Graf Ignatiev"

Sofia Municipality will not give loan to the contractor for the repair of ''Graf Ignatiev'' Str, Yordanka Fandakova, mayor of Sofia, told BNT. Yesterday in the public space was printed information that the municipality will grant a loan to GIP Group.

Investment Projects Worth more than 800 Million Certified by the Bulgarian State in 2018

Investment projects worth over BGN 800 million have been certified last year by the Bulgarian Investment Agency. Some of them are already in progress and others will start in 2019, with the total number of newly created jobs exceeding 2500.

Mayor of Sofia About the Repair of Graf Ignatiev: We will not Pay for Poor Quality Work

Not even a single lev will be paid for poor quality work. This is how the mayor Yordanka Fandakova commented on the latest signals of poor performance of the repair of the central Sofia street "Graf Ignatiev".

1 million and 200 thousand leva are the quality sanctions provided for the repair contractor, and 240 thousand leva per day is the fine if delayed.

Sofia Municipal Council Discusses the Problems of Urban Transport Drivers

The Transport and Tourism Committee of the Sofia Municipal Council is expected to hear public transport officials in Sofia.

More than 1,200 of the workers in the sector filed a petition against poor working conditions and low pay. They are also dissatisfied with the lack of staff, which requires overtime. They insist on being heard in the presence of Mayor Yordanka Fandakova.