Youth unemployment

One in four Turkish youth unemployed as unemployment rate rises to 13 pct

Close to a quarter of Turkey's youth did not have a job in January, according to data from the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK) that was released on April 17. 

Youth unemployment jumped 5.3 percentage points year on year in January to 24.5 percent overall, according to TÜİK.

Over 407,000 new jobs created in Turkey in 2017: Minister

Over 407,000 new jobs were created between Jan. 1 and March 27 in Turkey, a top official has said, adding that around 1 million new jobs were expected to be offered by June. 

In a speech in Ankara on March 28, Labor Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu said that more than 407,000 new jobs were created since the beginning of 2017. 

Turkey's 2016 unemployment rate hit 10.9 percent, continuing at double digits

Turkey's unemployment rate hit 10.9 percent in 2016 with a 0.6 percent of increase compared to the previous year, continuing its double-digit trend, official data showed on March 23. 

The unemployment rate in 2015 saw double digits for the first time since 2010.

357,000 new jobs created in Turkey in 2017: Minister

Some 357,000 new jobs were created between Jan. 1 and March 20 in Turkey, said a top official, adding that the rising unemployment rate would decrease by May or June. 

"By the yearend, the unemployment will drop to single digits," said Labor Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu in a televised interview on Kanal 24, as reported by Reuters on March 21. 

Unemployment amid the political storm

March 15 was a very interesting day, or at least it was for me. The Netherlands held general elections, and the Turkish Institute of Statistics (TÜİK) released its Bulletin of Unemployment. I think it proved to be a day of glory for the Dutch, and despair for Turks. The Islamophobic Geert Wilders was sidelined by Dutch voters, who have turned up at a record 85 percent.

Number of illiterate women five times higher than number of illiterate men in Turkey

The number of illiterate women in Turkey is five times higher than the number of illiterate men, according to statistics released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK). 

While 5.4 percent of the overall population aged 25 and over is illiterate, this rate was 1.8 percent for men and 9 percent for women in 2015.