October 5 – (un)forgotten

Almost two decades seem to have eaten all the ties that the October 5th spirit has barely held on to, in recent years. The day before this year's October 5th, there were no announcements, no reminders, not even statements by the former main actors of Milosevic's downfall.

Europeanization Hasn’t Failed in Balkans – it Just Needs Time

The states that once formed part of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s experienced war, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, and humanitarian disaster. Economic growth was slow or negative and corruption was the rule, not the exception. The outflow of refugees was much greater than the migration of young people out of the Balkans today.

Serbian Border Officials Detained a Bulgarian with 22 kg of Heroin

Bulgarians are detained with nearly 22 kg of heroin in Serbia.

The drug is found in a Volkswagen car brand with a Bulgarian registration at the Batrovtsi border crossing between Croatia and Serbia.

In an inspection of the car, Serbian border guards have found a total of 40 packages.
The Bulgarian is detained for 48 hours.

Why Serb Nationalism Still Inspires Europe’s Far Right

Central to Tarrant's worldview appears to have been a commitment to the so-called "Great Replacement" theory.

This conspiracy theory posits that Muslim immigration to Western countries is a secret plot to "outbreed" white Christians of European ancestry and thus take over their "homelands". A peculiar brand of Islamophobia, it is rooted in anti-Ottoman sentiment.

Serbia 56th in Forbes Best Countries for Business list

Slovenia (31) is the top-ranked former Yugoslav state, followed by Croatia (52), with Macedonia (68), Montenegro (72) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (98) ranked behind Serbia.

As for other countries in the region, Albania is in the 74th place, while Hungary ranks 40th, followed by Romania (41), Greece (42) and Bulgaria (46).