Mayor Praised, President Criticised, Over Croatian Serb Murder Commemoration

Croatian leaders' contrasting attitudes towards Tuesday's annual commemoration of the murder of a Croatian family during the independence war drew equally contrasting responses.

Zagreb's new Left-Green mayor, Tomislav Tomasevic attended the commemoration of the murder of the Zec family in 1991 in person.

Chaos in Zagreb; "Betrayal" VIDEO / PHOTO

There were minor incidents last Saturday, but organizers point out that there will be no banners or speakers this Saturday.
"We are gathering in silence and protesting against covid confirmations, against discrimination and division. We will be in silence, without speakers," reads the invitation to the protest, reports.

Tomislav Tomasevic: From Grassroots Activist to Zagreb Frontrunner

Rather than being a work-horse for the people of Zagreb, Bandic is "a Trojan horse working against the citizens," Tomasevic told some 4,000 protesters at the site.

Avoiding old ideological divides

Tomislav Tomasevic at a protest against a construction project in Zagreb's Varsavska street, February 2010. Photo: Flickr/tomislav medak.