Three arrested in police raid at Zografou university campus

Three suspects, two foreign nationals and one Greek, were detained during a police operation on Saturday morning at the University Campus in Zografou, located to the east of the city center. The operation, primarily targeting the dormitories, was initiated following a series of arson attacks in the area, leading to the destruction of numerous vehicles.

Arson attacks exasperate residents

A spate of arson attacks in the area around the Athens University campus and the central neighborhood of Exarchia have left local residents wondering why police are not doing more to prevent or contain such incidents, with some even saying they are ready to take matters into their own hands.

Five cars torched near Zografou university campus

Vandals struck in the early hours of Sunday at the University Campus in Zografou, Attica igniting fires that engulfed five parked cars on Ymittou Street, with three more damaged, as reported by state broadcaster ERT.

Police swiftly responded, cordoning off the area for hours, while firefighters doused the flames. 

Vehicles torched in university campus arson attack

Unknown assailants carried out an arson attack on vehicles on the University Campus in the Zografou district, eastern Athens, in the early hours of Sunday.

According to state-run broadcaster ERT, a group of individuals exited the campus and set fire to parked vehicles before returning to the university grounds.

Unknown assailants storm campus amid protests against private university scheme

A group of hooded assailants stormed into the administration building of the National Technical University of Athens' Zografou campus on Tuesday morning, frightening staff as they hurled abuse and smashed windows and furniture, and prompting the academic authorities to call for police reinforcements.

Self-styled anarchists raid NTUA building

Unidentified assailants raided the Administration Building of the National Technical University of Athens in the Zografou area of the capital on Monday morning.

The incident took place at around 9 a.m. when a group of approximately 40 self-styled anarchists stormed the building, causing vandalism within the premises, according to witnesses.

Bomb deactivated near riot police HQ in Zografou

The bomb disposal squad discovered and defused an explosive device near the headquarters of the riot police officers (MAT) in the district of Zografou in central Athens on Monday. 

Unidentified individuals had earlier sent an audio message to the Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper and the Zougla.gr news website, alerting them to the placement of a bomb near the building. 

Occupiers removed from another university building

Another space occupied for almost 20 years by non-academics at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) was returned to the institution on Thursday, after a police operation.

Kathimerini understands there are still three spaces under occupation on the premises of the iconic institution, on the Zografou campus and on Patission Street.

Curfew in forested Halkidiki areas

Vice-Regional Governor of Halkidiki, Katerina Zografou, announced on Wednesday a pedestrian and vehicle curfew from 8 am to 8 pm on Thursday in wooded areas of Halkidiki that are at high risk for wildfires.

In particular, this will affect the Kassandra and Sithonia peninsulas, as well as the Aristoteli municipality.