The real island of the “walking dead” (videos)

They say the dead live on in our hearts and minds – but in one Indonesian province, the deceased continue to walk the earth in a rather more literal, zombie-like fashion. In Torajana in South Sulawesi Indonesia, a tribe honors the deceased and shows its affection to the dead with a strange ancient custom. They dig them up, dress them in fancy new clothes and…take a stroll with them.

Zombies to descend on Athens (photos)

If by any chance you find yourselves in downtown Athens on Saturday and come across a hoard of zombies roaming around, don’t be afraid it’s not “The living dead” come to life. Greece is celebrating Apokries, which is a religious festival similar to Halloween which takes place in February before Lent in the Greek Orthodox Church.

Man From Mumbai Demands to Know if India is Prepared for Zombies and Alien Invasion

BELGRADE - Ajay Kumar claims that his real motive in making a Right to Information Act request to assess India's zombie and alien-fighting skills was to draw the government's attention to the real issues of terror and poverty. While mentioning Will Smith, he took a dig at the Indian Government for relying on the US.

Living dead zombie dog of Saronida finally gets attention

A dog on the verge of death walked like a zombie around the seaside resort village of Athens, practically invisible to people in the region. The wretched creature had rough skin that looked like a tree bark due to a skin hemorrhage and was evidently in need of help as it searched through the trash to find food.

Women get attacked by zombie horde at most terrifying prank ever (Video)

A Brazilian hidden camera show recently planned and executed the most terrifying prank ever, starring a horde of blood-thirsty zombies, an empty subway train and several unsuspected victims.

What would your reaction be if your train pulled into an empty station, the train doors didn’t open and an army of zombie dropped by to say hi? Watch the amusing -yet terrifying- video.