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2 rare Sumatran tigers recovering after catching COVID-19

Two rare Sumatran tigers at the zoo in the Indonesian capital are recovering after being infected with COVID-19.


Nine-year-old Tino became ill with shortness of breath, sneezing, and a runny nose on July 9. He also lost his appetite.

Two days later, 12-year-old Hari was showing the same symptoms.

Turkey’s zoo delighted at Asian elephant’s birth

The İzmir Natural Life Park has announced the arrival of a new baby animal whose species is at risk in its respective natural habitat: A healthy Asian elephant.

Begümcan, a 25-year-old elephant, gave birth to a female calf in the zoo's protected facility and delighted zookeepers, zoo officials told reporters.

No name has been given to the baby elephant yet.

Ljubljana Zoo welcomes baby chimp

Ljubljana – Ljubljana Zoo has welcomed a newcomer to its midst as a baby chimpanzee named Tai was born in mid-January. Crested geckos, black-tufted marmosets, a species of New World monkeys, kangaroos and meerkats have also seen the arrival of newborns, the zoo has said.

Alligator who survived Berlin WWII bombing dies

An alligator who survived a bombing raid on the Berlin zoo in 1943 and found himself east of the iron curtain after World War II has died of old age at 84, the Moscow Zoo said.

Saturn's demise marked the "end of an era", the zoo said in a statement on May 23, and 84 was "a respectable age" for a Mississippi alligator, a species that rarely makes it past 50 in the wild.

Cuteness alert: Zoo Miami shows off clouded leopard kittens

 Providing exactly what's needed in these trying times, Zoo Miami has shared images of two clouded leopard cubs.

The male and female have been secluded in a den with their mother, Serai, since their Feb. 11 birth so that they could properly bond while avoiding external stress, according to a news release from the South Florida zoo.