Zoran Janković

Ljubljana and Sarajevo become twin towns

Sarajevo – Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković and Mayor of Sarajevo Benjamina Karić signed an agreement on the Slovenian and Bosnian capitals becoming twin towns as the pair met in Sarajevo on Friday, the Ljubljana municipality said in a release. The mayors believes this will enable the cities to share good practices and deepen cooperation.

Dnevnik sceptical of small solar power plant plan for Ljubljana

Ljubljana – Dnevnik says in Saturday’s commentary that Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković is reckoning without the host when he is announcing construction of solar power plants on roofs of public buildings, as it is not clear whether it will be possible to connect such power plants to the distribution network.

Ljubljana hosting world’s leading cycling congress

Ljubljana – Ljubljana is hosting from 14 to 17 June the annual Velo-City event, also known as the world cycling summit, where advocates, cities, decision makers, researchers and industry leaders meet to discuss the future of cycling and promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transport.

Mladina warns Golob against post-election arrogance

Ljubljana – Mladina editor-in-chief Grega Repovž warns the winner of the general election Robert Golob against repeating the mistake of several newly emerged centre-left leaders before him, who got carried away by their election success and adopted an arrogant attitude towards potential coalition partners.

Energy exec Robert Golob next new face tipped for PM (bio)

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s potential new prime minister, Robert Golob has made a successful career for himself as an energy executive before returning to politics as a new name just in time for the general election in a manner the country has become well used to since his one-time party boss, Zoran Janković, first made such an attempt.

Mayor irked by SDS taking credit for Ljubljana being a safe city

Ljubljana – Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković has taken issue with the ruling Democrats (SDS) noting in a series of posts about its achievements that Ljubljana has been assessed as the safest city in Europe, saying that he does not know what SDS president and PM Janez Janša has to do with it.