Zoran Zaev

Zaev gets nod to form new government

North Macedonia's president on Thursday handed a mandate to pro-Western ex-prime minister Zoran Zaev to form a new government after his party bloc narrowly won a July 15 election.

"I will lead a government that will not ... veer away from the road leading to membership of the European Union after obtaining membership of NATO," Zaev said.

‘Albanian PM’ Demand May be Slowing North Macedonia Coalition Talks

The former partners in the last coalition government in North Macedonia, the Social Democrats, SDSM, of Zoran Zaev, and the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, led by Ali Ahmeti, are engaged in substantial talks on a new government, amid speculation that talks might be stuck over the DUI's insistence on an ethnic Albanian prime minister.

Week in Review: Times Too Interesting


Kosovo is awaiting nervously a Constitutional Court ruling which should determine whether Kosovars will get a new government or go to early elections following a vote of no confidence in the outgoing government of Prime Minister Albin Kurti. While Kurti's Vetevendosje insists on early elections, almost all other parties are opposed to this.