Zoran Zaev

Tragedy on “Struma” Highway: Passenger Bus Caught Fire, Leaving at 45 Dead Including Children

President Radev Expressed Condolences to President of North Macedonia over the Bus Crash

Tragedy on "Struma Motorway". A passenger bus with North Macedonian registration caught fire near the village of Bosnek. Investigators confirmed 45 dead, including children.

As of today, North Macedonia is Fully Militarily Integrated into NATO

With the signing of the joint declaration with NATO, the process of military integration of the Republic of North Macedonia in the command structures and in the structure of the Alliance forces will be officially completed today, the electronic edition of the Nezavisen newspaper notes.

North Macedonia MP Dispels ‘Kidnapping’ Claims

In North Macedonia's parliament on Monday, MP Kastriot Rexhepi said his absence from last Thursday's session, which aborted a planned vote of no confidence in the government had been his own decision. He had not been "kidnapped", as frustrated opposition lawmakers suggested. He had simply wanted to avoid unwarranted publicity.

Gruevski’s Carefree Days in Hungary Perhaps Nearing an End

All of this while back in Gruevski's home country, things are in flux as well. Gruevski's conservative VMRO DPMNE party, which under his rule was widely accused of "capturing the state institutions" including the judiciary, is now in a serious position to take on the pro-European Social Democratic leader Zoran Zaev, who toppled Gruevski back in 2017.

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zaev: I will Stay to Keep the Democratic Majority

A decision was made today to postpone both resignations. We neither debated nor decided on them. When I resigned on 31 October, I said that I would help maintain the parliamentary majority and work to increase it if possible. Such is the responsibility to the state and the people. It makes perfect sense to work on this process.

North Macedonia Opposition Files No-Confidence Motion Against PM

North Macedonia's main opposition VMRO DPMNE party on Monday filed a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, sticking to its promise to do so unless Zaev resigned by the 2.30pm ultimatum it gave him.

The MP and VMRO DPMNE vice-president Aleksandar Nikolovski confirmed this at a press conference in Skopje.