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Latest activity in Balkans

Macedonia Referendum Talks Halt Without Breakthrough

Talks between Macedonia's main ruling Social Democrats, led by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, and the main opposition VMRO DPMNE party, led by Hristijan Mickovski, failed to clear the path on Thursday towards a referendum on the historic "name" deal with Greece.

Bulgaria's Regulator Blocks CEZ and Nova TV Deals

In separate decisions published on Thursday, Bulgaria's anti-monopoly body, the Commission on Protection of Competition, CPC, has prohibited the signing of two of the largest recent deals in the country.

One was the sale of the Bulgarian assets of the Czech energy giant CEZ to a Bulgarian family-owned company, Inercom.

BIA agency denies reports about ties with "contract killers"

"Mario Milosevic, Jovan Pavicevic, Strahinja Dankovic, and Laureta Zuba have been arrested based on Interpol's notice on suspicion of committing the grave criminal acts of murder and kidnapping in the territory of the Republic of Montenegro," the Security Information Agency (BIA) said in a statement on Thursday.

Green Libraries in Sofia's South Park

On July 21, 2018, from 10:00 to 14:00, the Metropolitan Library will host the Green Libraries summer reading room in the South Park.

There will be friends and partners of the initiative - the teachers from Music Play Music House, also the poets Bobby Mirchev and Peter Chuhov, who will read excerpts from their works.

Turkey slams Israel's controversial 'Jewish nation-state' law

Turkey on July 19 slammed a new law adopted by Israel's parliament defining the country as the nation state of the Jewish people, saying the legislation "trampled" on universal law and the rights of Israeli Arabs.

Scientists just Found £150,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of Diamonds in the Ground

Scientists just unearthed an eye-watering hoard of diamonds, so valuable it would completely destroy the world's economy. The scientists reckon there's a quadrillion tonnes of diamond buried in the 'cratonic roots' in continents. There's just one, tiny, catch: the treasure trove is buried 100 miles down, deeper than any drill has ever penetrated, according to MIT researchers.