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Latest activity in Balkans

Babacan, Çavu?o?lu may return to active politics

With less than two weeks to go to the convention of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), the party leadership is now working on how it can best make use of its experienced politicians and whether they would run in early polls, including former Economy Minister Ali Babacan and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavu?o?lu. 

Women adamant about restoring peace in Turkey

In the polyphony of voices insisting on an immediate peace process in Turkey ahead of 'Peace Day,' women's voices can be heard everywhere more insistently and more adamantly, thanks to a number of robust initatives At one of the darkest times in its recent history, with war brewing at home and across the border, Turkey is due to celebrate "Peace Day" twice in September.

Deep Purple

Deep purple is its color. It is often likened to dark velvet. Not that it is fuzzy. On the contrary, with a satin smooth surface, it is as shiny as polished marble. It must be the deepness of its color that makes one think of velvet. I'm talking about aubergines. In Turkish, in many cases the term "aubergine purple" is used to stress the intensity of the color purple.

China's economic earthquake also shakes Turkey

Competing with a powerful China, which has joined capitalism as a ?unique? actor, will be more difficult for Turkey, but more importantly competing with Chinese goods in the local market will also be tough China is a huge country accommodating almost 20 percent of the world population. It is a country that has been occupying the world?s agenda in recent years. 

'Climate change a scapegoat, disasters in Turkey are man-made'

Disasters will become more frequent and dangerous because of climate change, but also because governments in Turkey are continuing practices that increase risks, according to a local expert in the field. ?Disasters are man-made. Populist rhetoric is distancing us from solutions,?

Politics of farce in Turkey

When I expressed my concerns about the signs of a move from authoritarian rule to fascist political discourse in Turkey (in daily Cumhuriyet last week), I only wanted to underline the danger of ever increasing militarization and "statization" of politics and party in the country. 

What a Victory Day!

Turkey was marking Sunday the anniversary of the Great Victory with ceremonies, limited to a presidential reception and commemorative events. With a Prime Ministry order, all festivities were banned. Why? Because of the national pain over the loss of beloved sons to terrorism related violence?

Those who do not shut up when told to

The firing of theater player Levent Üzümcü from Istanbul?s City Theater was in connection with his stance during the Gezi Park resistance and his speech at the Socialist International. 

In his speech in 2013, Üzümcü defined Turkey as ?a country forced to take sides constantly at the street, at school, at work, in front of the computer and during sports events.?