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Latest activity in Balkans

Three women found dead on Greece-Turkey border

Greek police discovered the bodies of three women on Oct. 10 near the banks of the River Evros (Maritsa or Meriç) which marks the border with Turkey, and is a crossing for migrants and asylum seekers.

Retired bank workers accused of robbing safes released from custody

Five former bank workers in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, accused of lifting some 2.7 million euros worth of cash, gold and jewelry from safes, were released from pretrial custody on Thursday.

The five retired bank workers denied charges of embezzlement, among others, in their depositions to an investigating magistrate, who ordered their release.

Erdoğan announces Turkey's new investment program

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's public mandate on "Investment Program Preparations for 2019-2021 Period," which prioritizes to preserve price stability while reducing inflation and to further strengthen fiscal discipline, was published in the Official Gazette on Oct. 11.

In Greece, German president apologizes for wartime 'horrors'

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has apologized for "horrors" committed during the Nazi occupation in Greece, as that country prepares to relaunch claims for hundreds of billions of euros in World War II reparations.

Tourism Minister: Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia Willing to Cooperate in Tourism and Economy

Riyadh. Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia still face much untapped potential in bilateral contacts in tourism and many other industries, Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova said at a meeting in Riyadh with Saudi Arabia's Assistant Minister of Economy and Planning, Khalid Al Shonaifi, quoted by the Ministry of Tourism.