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The best time for women to have an orgasm during the day is…

It is generally more difficult for women to reach a sexual climax. Men on the other hand, find it much easier due to their biology and nature. But they too have a time in the day that is best for them to have sex. That is early in the morning. But with women, things are different.

Central Europe is just expressing itself

Parliamentary elections in Austria last Sunday have confirmed the trend we are seeing in many parts of Europe pointing to a strengthening of the nationalist right wing.

Investment Projects in Bulgaria for BGN 800 Million to be Launched

At present, projects with a total value of about BGN 800 million have been registered in the Bulgarian Investment Agency and are preparing to start. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy Aleksandar Manolev during the opening of the first plant of the technological giant "OSRAM" in Bulgaria.

Male actors in Hollywood open up on being sexually harassed!

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has opened up a dialogue of epic proportions surrounding issues of sexual assault and harassment, with numerous women in Hollywood speaking up to tell their stories. They’ve been joined by a small chorus of men who shared that they, too, had been victims of sexual assault and harassment, perpetrated by men of power in the industry.

The World Bank Predicts Acceleration in the Growth of the Bulgarian Economy

The World Bank predicts acceleration in the growth of the Bulgarian economy to 3.8% in 2017 and 3.9% in 2018 next year, reports clubz. 

The main driver of growth is rising domestic demand, the report released today by the international institution on the state of economies in Europe and Central Asia.

"Russian media mostly ignore Croatian president's visit"

Unlike the Croatian media, who have presented Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic's visit to Russia as a big event, the Russian media "barely reported about it."

This is according to the Croatian website, that said most leading Russian media either ignored the Croatian president's meeting in Sochi with Russian leader President Vladimir Putin - or reported about it "along the way."

Question on assisted suicide hints at more gov't strife

The delayed response by Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis last week to a question regarding the government's position on assisted suicide may signal more strife to come within the ranks of the coalition government.