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Latest activity in Balkans

Joksimovic: 284 mln euros from IPA funds to become available by 2020

BELGRADE - A total of 284 mln euros from the EU's IPA funds will become available to Serbia by 2020 for cross-border cooperation programmes with seven countries in the region and two transnational programmes, Serbian Minister for European Integration Jadranka Joksimovic said Thursday.

Revision request filed as BiH Presidency fails to make decision

SARAJEVO - The Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency on Thursday failed to make a decision on a request for a revision of a genocide lawsuit against Serbia after Bosniak member Bakir Izetbegovic walked out of the body's session.

Speaking to reporters, Izetbegovic reiterated there was no need to decide on the matter as the Presidency had already done so in 2004.

Vucic: I will make decision on parliamentary polls by Monday

BELGRADE - A decision on whether to hold parliamentary elections will be made over the weekend, by Monday at the latest, Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic said Thursday.

"A decision will be made by Monday at the latest," Vucic told reporters at the Belgrade Fair.

Vucic: New war crimes prosecutor to be named within 7 days

Tanaskovic: Turkey active pro-Kosovo lobbyist in UNESCO

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Serbia's Ambassador to UNESCO Darko Tanaskovic says Turkey is "one of the most active countries lobbying for Kosovo-Metohija's UNESCO membership, and that is a part of their (Turkey's) strategy of Neo-Ottomanism."

Serbia good example of responsible EU candidate country

BELGRADE - Serbian EU Integration Minister Jadranka Joksimovic and Christian Danielsson, the European Commission's Director General for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, on Thursday welcomed the planned opening of Chapters 20 and 26 in Serbia's accession talks, noting their pace was solid and a positive signal for further reforms and progress on the European path.

EU impressed with Serbia's handling of migrant crisis

BELGRADE - The EU is impressed with the way Serbian authorities are handling the migrant crisis and with Serbia's economic reforms, says Christian Danielsson, the European Commission's Director General for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations.