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Media To Be Sanctioned for Publishing Election Results Before End of Election Day

About 6 sanctions will be handed to media for publishing election results before the end of election day at 20:00 hrs on Sunday, announced at a briefing the spokesperson of CEC Alexander Andreev, cited by Focus agency.

The penalty fee is between BGN 2,000 and BGN 5,000, and up to BGN 10,000 if the violation is repeated.

Slipping standards

An image can often help you realize a lot of things all at once. Having stopped recently at a traffic light, I noticed the bus beside me, where the driver was smoking a cigarette, tapping the ash every couple of drags onto the street from a small open window. It shouldn't have surprised me because I've often seen bus drivers smoking or talking on cell phones.

IVF procedures take plunge owing to financial crisis

The number of births in Greece through in vitro fertilization (IVF) has dropped between 40 and 50 percent over the last eight years due to the financial crisis, according to experts in the field.

Greek gov't torn between making concessions for deal with creditors and letting talks drag

As it has become clear that a deal with Greece's international creditors still appears a bridge too far, the government is reportedly split between making the concessions required to reach an agreement soon and opting to live dangerously by waiting it out, with all the risks to the economy that entails, hoping for more favorable conditions.

Mouzalas warns Greece can't cope with more migrants

Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas raised the alarm this weekend that Greece has reached saturation point in terms of refugee numbers.

In an interview with Germany's Spiegel magazine, Mouzalas said it would be a mistake on the part of the country's European partners to burden Greece further by implementing the Dublin agreement.

Kotzias calls for unity on Cyprus

Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said on Saturday that the effort to reach a solution to the decades-old division of Cyprus will require Greeks to unite.

Speaking to reporters during an official visit to Nicosia, Kotzias said Greece was obliged by history and culture to help Cyprus reach its desired goal of a reunified state.

Greek-US ties set to strengthen significantly

Greece is examining US proposals for military cooperation which would widen ties to an extent not seen in the last three decades, Kathimerini understands. According to sources, Washington's desire for stronger ties stems from its view that Greece has a significant geopolitical role to play as a pillar of stability in a volatile region.

Yacht and ship collide at sea off Patra

One man was injured after a US-flagged sailboat collided with an unidentified vessel south of Patra port in western Greece on Sunday morning.

After the crash at sea, the sailboat, which had three passengers on board, managed to sail safely to Patra.

The injured person was taken to the city's university hospital and was discharged after receiving first aid.

'I love Greece... I'll wait patiently'

Every Wednesday, a 60-year-old man identified only by his initials - P.S. - attends a Greek language class in Tel Aviv. No one was surprised to see him take up the lessons, given the fact that P.S., who retired six months ago, is half-Greek.

"I started the process to acquire Greek citizenship 12 years ago," P.S. told Kathimerini in a recent interview.

10,000 People Vote Abroad by 10 a.m. Bulgarian Time

About 10,000 people voted abroad by 10 a.m. Sofia time in Sunday's Bulgarian parliamentary elections, Central Election Commission Spokesperson Alexander Andreev reported, quoted by BTA.

Voter turnout in overseas localities is impossible to measure because anyone willing (and eligible) to vote can be added to the voting lists at any time.

Greek Minister Mouzalas says country can host no more refugees

Migration Policy Minister Ioannis Mouzalas made a plea to EU member-states against sending more refugees and migrants to Greece. In an interview to German magazine Spiegel Mr. Mouzalas said that Greece had managed to overcome the heavy burden of the large numbers of refugees and migrants pouring into the country and could not host any more. “Greece is already carrying a huge load.

Bulgarians Abroad Voting in 70 Countries

The Bulgarians residing abroad may cast their ballot today in a total of 371 polling stations across 70 countries, announced BNR.

There are 101 fewer stations in Turkey, compared to the 2014 election, as their number for states outside the EU now shouldn't exceed 35, according to the law.

Greece gets three bids for Thessaloniki Port

Greece has received three binding bids for a majority stake in its second-largest port in Thessaloniki, the country's privatizations agency said on Saturday.

Phillipines-based International Container Terminal Services (ICTS), Dubai-based P&O Steam Navigation Company (DP World) and German private equity firm Deutsche Invest Equity Partners submitted offers, it said.

Greek police nab 2 truck drivers smuggling in 20 migrants

Greek police say they have arrested a Turkish truck driver and a Bulgarian truck driver who were carrying a total of 20 migrants near Greece's northeastern land border with Turkey.

Police say Saturday that the Turkish driver was carrying eight Pakistanis, one Iraqi and one Syrian and the Bulgarian truck driver arrested Friday was carrying 10 Pakistani men.