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Former Greek Prime Minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis has died aged 99

Former Prime Minister and Honorary President of the main opposition party New Democracy, Konstantinos Mitsotakis died an hour after Sunday midnight at the age of 99.

His family issued a simple statement:

“Konstantinos Mitsotakis passed away at one o’ clock after midnight, surrounded by the people he loved and loved him”.

Do the Europeans want to squeeze out Tsipras?

For Greece, last week was a bad week. First, the government could not secure an agreement on a relief of its huge debt in a meeting with finance ministers of the Eurozone and the IMF on May 22.

Sports Digest: Volleyball team fails at Worlds' qualifiers

VOLLEYBALL: Greece was eliminated from the World Championship as it suffered its second consecutive loss at its qualifying group in The Netherlands. Although it led Slovakia 2-0 it failed to win and its 3-2 loss on Saturday meant it could not make any of the top two spots of its pool. On Sunday it beat Luxembourg 3-0.

Next Eurogroup must indicate measures for the sustainability of Greek public debt

The Greek economy is at a critical point. From 2010 to the present, Greece has accomplished an unprecedented - in the annals of the European Union and of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) - adjustment of macroeconomic imbalances. The big "twin" deficits (fiscal and current account balance) have been transformed into surpluses.

Best villages to visit on the Greek island of Milos

Milos is a volcanic island that has a rich landscape. It’s one of those places that people flock to in order to enjoy the peaceful, quiet side of Greece. However, don’t let the size of the island fool you. For holiday goers, there’s plenty of things to do. One of the highlights, however, will be exploring the many picturesque villages that are found throughout the island.

These sexy ladies are preparing for Summer! (SIZZLING PHOTOS)

Yes, Summer is almost officially here, but these last few days the weather in Greece has been quite rainy…

However, we are not going to let this bring our mood down.

We choose to fight back!

So, let us remind ourselves of what we are going to be seeing more or less in Greek beaches in just a few weeks and change our mood!

(Click to enlarge)

Failure to clinch Eurogroup deal narrows options for Tsipras

In the aftermath of Greece's failure to seal a deal at last Monday's Eurogroup, the government find itself now with its back against a wall, as the road map outlining the way out of the crisis it had so painstakingly cultivated in recent months, was tossed out.

Debt talks and the cost of delays

Our partners and creditors owe us a clear description of what they want the restructuring of Greece's debt to look like. They don't owe it to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, but to the Greek people, ever since the time when a primary surplus was achieved - at great pains.

Joe Biden to address Concordia Summit in Athens in June

Former US vice president Joe Biden is due to visit Athens to address the Concordia Summit, an annual global affairs forum that will be held for the first time on European territory in the Greek capital, on June 6 and 7.

A shield against violence

The reasonable and democratic-minded people of this country need to put up a shield against unchecked hatred and violence. Regrettably, public life has come to be dominated by both.

Strike means no trains from Tuesday, including to Athens airport

The union representing workers at railway operator Trainose has announced a three-day strike starting Tuesday, which means that there will be no intercity train services and Proastiakos suburban railway services in Greece until Friday.

The strike also means there will be no connection between the metro and the suburban railway to Athens International Airport.

Probe into alleged criminal activities by NGO members

Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas is due to submit a report on Monday to a Supreme Court prosecutor on alleged criminal activities by members of a nongovernmental organization, active in the refugee effort in Greece.

Cuts leave hospitals at the mercy off robbers

The Health Ministry has instructed hospitals around the country to beef up security after a recent spate of robberies exposed serious lapses in security.

Celtic find in France leaves archaeologists baffled

French archaeologists have a mystery on their hands: is the 2,500 year old skeleton discovered in a royal tomb in northeast France on October 2014, male or female? And had this person been a Celtic prince or princess?