Russian forces ‘storming Ukraine's Avdiivka en masse’

Large numbers of Russian forces are pushing to capture the frontline Ukrainian town of Avdiivka, its Ukrainian mayor said yesterday, escalating a months-long effort to capture the industrial hub.

Moscow launched a costly bid in October to seize the town, which has been caught up in fighting since 2014, when it briefly fell to Moscow-backed separatists.

Russia ramping up attacks in eastern Ukraine

Russian forces were ramping up attacks in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, Moscow and Kiev said, as they vie to secure elusive territorial gains before the end of the year.

Despite the frontlines having barely shifted in 2023, fighting has remained intense, with the nearly encircled industrial town of Avdiivka the latest major flashpoint.

Zelensky says Russian attacks increasing

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said Russia was increasing its attacks across the front line, as Kiev called for the West to boost weapons supplies ahead of winter.

Neither side has made any significant territorial gain for months, but both Zelensky and the Kremlin have denied the conflict has ground to a stalemate.