Latest News from Macedonia

The waste processing units for eastern Thessaloniki and Larissa are being auctioned

Shortly before the end of 2022, notices were published for the construction of two important waste management infrastructures. These are the Waste Treatment Units (WTUs) of the Eastern Sector of Western Macedonia and Larissa, with a budget of 241.9 million euros and 54.6 million euros.

Woman visits 10 European countries on scooter

A Turkish woman who previously traveled around Türkiye alone has visited 10 European countries on a Vespa scooter.

Traveling 10,000 kilometers in three months with her yellow Vespa scooter, Gülşah Merve Yüksel started her journey from Greece to Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Kosovo and finally Macedonia.

Greek demographics: An aging and over-the-hill population

Mainland Greece is aging alarmingly - faster than even the most dire predictions of demographers. One in three residents of the Prefectures of Arta and Evrytania is currently over 65 years old, a percentage that was expected in 2050, while in eleven prefectures of the country with a total population of 828,000 people one in four is elderly.

Greek PM Mitsotakis tours Pella and Edessa

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who is visiting Pella and Edessa on Tuesday, was given a tour of the Pella Museum and its archaeological site by Culture Minister Lina Mendoni and the head of the local antiquities office, Elizabeth Tsigarida.

President Radev: Bulgaria will Once Again stand in Solidarity with Fraternal Macedonia

"Bulgaria will once again stand in solidarity with fraternal Macedonia". This was stated by President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev during his meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski.

The head of state emphasized that our relations with the RNM have stood on a solid foundation.

AGNO products: When they will return to the Greek markets

What Dimitris and Michalis Sarantis know how to do well is to bring forgotten companies back to the forefront. It happened with Olympus. It happened with Rodopi. Will it happen with AGNO?

We will soon find out, as the Thessalian Hellenic Dairies group of the Sarantis brothers is soon to reintroduce the AGNO products to the Greek market.

Vučić: "There is no one more important to us" VIDEO/PHOTO

"We always underestimate ourselves in the Balkans, we think that we are lower beings and someone who is successful, only if he joins someone else. We have a huge potential. We have not believed in ourselves for decades. This is our idea, that's why we embraced it. We are no worse than others", said Vui at the press conference.

Week in Review: Spies, Cyber Attacks and Endless Elections

Sinking Deeper

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev arrives for a face-to-face EU summit in Brussels, Belgium, 25 May 2021. European Union leaders take part in a two day in-person meeting to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and Russia relations. EPA-EFE/JOHANNA GERON / POOL

Kosovo Teachers Strike on First Day of New School Year

Kosovo pupils found their classrooms empty of teachers on the first day of new school year, after the teachers' union acted on warnings to strike to force the government to increase their salaries.

The school strike adds to another strike which started last week by administrative workers in many central and local institutions.