Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia Jails Extradited ISIS Fighter Keserovic for Six Years

Bosnia's top court has found Jasmin Keserovic guilty of having travelled to Syria in January 2013, fought for ISIS and taken part in terrorist activities under the name Abu Muhamed Al Bosni.

On Thursday, The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina also found Keserovic guilty on the second count of having published an incitement to murder on the internet in 2016.

New Earthquake Rocks Croatia

An earthquake of 4.3 magnitude on the Richter scale shook Croatia again last night. The epicenter was 20 km northwest of Dubrovnik and at a depth of two kilometers, Index news site reported. The quake was felt in southern Dalmatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

New interim manager takes over at UKC Ljubljana hospital

Ljubljana – Jože Golobič was named acting director general of the Ljubljana University Medical Centre (UKC) to succeed Janez Poklukar, who was appointed new health minister on Tuesday. Golobič has so far served as chairman of the UKC Ljubljana council.

COVAX Blames Bosnia for Hold-up Over COVID-19 Vaccines

While many countries race ahead with their COVID-19 vaccination programs, Bosnia and Herzegovina has barely started - will not receive any vaccines through the COVAX mechanism even in March, according to a document received by Bosnia's Ministry of Civil Affairs from the COVAX office.

Belgrade Court Increases Bosnian Serb Soldier’s War Crime Sentence

Belgrade Appeals Court has increased the sentence handed down to former Bosnian Serb soldier Milan Dragisic from four to five years in prison for one killing and two attempted killings of civilians in the town of Bosanski Petrovac in north-western Bosnia and Herzegovina on September 20, 1992.

Slovenia to get new airline, aviation portal says

Ljubljana – A new airline named SouthEast Airlines is emerging in Slovenia, web aviation portal Sierra5 reported on Tuesday, adding that the airline will initially provide mainly charter flights using Airbus A320 fleet. At first, SouthEast Airlines is to focus on EU markets with the first licensed commercial flight planned for early June.

Bosnian Serb Chetniks Plead Not Guilty to Inciting Hatred

Ravna Gora Movement members Dusan Sladojevic, alias Krvce and Cica, Slavko Aleksic, alias Vojvoda, and Risto Lecic pleaded not guilty at the Bosnian state court on Monday to charges of inciting ethnic, racial and religious hatred, discord and intolerance at gatherings in the town of Visegrad and the nearby village of Dobrunska Rijeka in March 2019.

Bulgaria: What Has Happened to

The most visited torrent site in Bulgaria,, is unavailable. The first signs of emerging problems with the operation of the tracker were observed from the evening of February 21.

The site's collapse comes about a day after the office of the Prosecutor General office asked for help the US Department of Justice for blocking Zamunda.

Slow Pace of Balkan Repatriation Leaves Over 100 Children in Syrian Camps

Working with their relatives outside of the centre is also important, Luarasi told BIRN, "in order to reinstate attachment and to guide family members in how they can support the process of reintegrating returnees into their communities."

EU Urges Bosnia to Share Migration ‘Burden’ More Equally

A European Commissioner on a visit to Bosnia on Friday called for all parts of the country to share the burden of migration equally - in an implicit dig at Bosnia's Serb-led entity, which has refused to host migrant camps.