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New Democracy leads SYRIZA by over seven percentage points in new poll

Main opposition New Democracy leads SYRIZA by over seven percentage points in both the parliamentary (7.8 percent) and European Parliament (7.3percent) elections according to a Metron Analysis opinion poll conducted for Alpha television.

Paths Old and New

Free Promotion
A poster relating to the European election campaign at European Parliament in Brussels. Photo: EPA-EFE/OLIVIER HOSLET.

Souvlaki price to increase by 10-15 percent

Souvlaki, the traditional Greek fast food popular among locals and visitors alike, will soon suffer a 10-15 percent price hike, kebab shop owners are warning.

The reason for this sudden increase - which could take prices up to 3 euros per pitta-wrapped kebab - is the significant rise in the price of pork, which the meat industries and kebab shop owners can no longer absorb.

Enterprises refusing to improve and evolve

Greek enterprises were shaken up, streamlined and transformed during the economic crisis of the last 10 years. However, their increased competitiveness has failed to bolster the economy, and while the country appears to be emerging from the financial crisis, the business environment does not allow for strong and sustainable growth, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

IOBE joins chorus of warning voices

The government received on Thursday another warning about the risk that growth rates may fail to rise above the current low level, with investments remaining at half the amount of those in other European countries and the unemployment rate refusing to budge below 15 percent.

ATHEX: Benchmark ends the week on a high note

The Greek stock market began its first long weekend this month with the benchmark at a new 10-month high after Thursday's fresh gains following the Supreme Court's decision on loans issued in Swiss francs.

Hypersonic vehicle to represent Slovenia at Venice Biennial

The contribution concludes Peljhan's 20-year-long artistic project Resolution, which provided concrete and pragmatic solutions for specific issues, and will enable visitors to pose questions and search for answers regarding the current environmental and political situation in the world.

Amazon Closes its Online Shopping Platform in China

The global online e-commerce store admits that support for third-country traders in the mainland of the world's second-largest economy will be halted, reported

In view of the pressure from competitors, Inc. said on Thursday that it is planned "operational corrections" in China to "focus more on cross-border sales."

Slovenia's Oblak extended by Atletico Madrid until 2023

The four-year extension puts an end to lengthy negotiations between the Slovenian and the club for which he has played since July 2014.

The 26-year-old from Škofja Loka is to receive around 10 million euro a year under the new contract, which makes him one of the highest paid goalkeepers in the world.

Business in the Euro Area with the Lowest Growth Since 2014

Eurozone business growth is at its lowest level since 2014, driven by stagnation in France and a slowdown in Germany, according to recent reports, quoted by

In the shadow of political risks such as Brexit and weaker global growth, the eurozone is struggling to keep its economy healthy, according to a study by IHS Markit.


Cannes Film Festival: 2019 Lineup

The festival announced its lineup on Thursday, with a slate that includes four female directors in competition for the Palme d'Or prize.

The Dead Do not Die zombie movie will open the racing program. It is the work of American independent director Jim Jarmusch, who in 1984 received the Golden Palm Prize.

The Increase in Electricity Will be Within the Inflation Rate of 3.6%,

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission will not allow a drastic increase in electricity, assured the head of the regulator Ivan Ivanov. He predicts that the 1 July increase will be within inflation - about 3.6%.

Yesterday, energy companies have requested an increase ranging from 2% for the day to over 50% of the night.