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Weather in Bulgaria: Temperatures over 41 Degrees

Today it will be mostly sunny. In the afternoon over the western half of the country will develop cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds and in some places there will be short-term rainfall and thunderstorms. There are conditions for hail. A moderate wind will blow in Western Bulgaria, north of the mountains, temporarily strong from the south-southwest.

Govt adopts decree on Covid certificate checks

Ljubljana – The government has adopted a decree setting down the method of checking compliance with the recovered-vaccinated-tested rule. Under a decision made at a correspondence session on Wednesday, the user scanning the Covid certificate QR code using a relevant app will have access to the certificate holder’s name and year of birth.

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Slovenia is now on England’s green travel list

London – Late on Wednesday, the British government updated its entry requirements and placed several countries, including Slovenia, on the green list. As of Sunday morning, travellers from Slovenia will only need a negative Covid test to enter England, regardless of the person’s vaccination status, foreign news agencies report.

NIJZ orders more doses of flu vaccine than last year

Ljubljana – The National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) has ordered 360,000 doses of flu vaccine for this season, which is more than last year, when demand exceeded expectation. It is not clear yet whether the vaccine will be available for free this year as well. Flu vaccination usually starts in October.

Two non-appointed delegated prosecutors suing govt again

Ljubljana – Prosecutors Tanja Frank Eler and Matej Oštir have filed another suit against the government over its decision not to appoint them Slovenia’s European delegated prosecutors as proposed by the Justice Ministry after they were vetted by the Prosecution Council.

Thousands Evacuated in Turkey as Fires Reach Power Plant

People being evacuated by Turkish navy ships. Photo: Turkish National Defense Ministry

"Flames have entered the thermal power plant," the Mayor of Milas, Muhammet Tokat, said on Wednesday night on Twitter, adding that the staff were evacuated.

Alevler Termik Santrale girdi… Santral şu an tamamen boşaltılıyor ve şimdi sirenler çalıyor…

Bulgaria: Two Forest Rangers Died while Fighting a Large Fire

Two forest rangers died and a third suffered bad burns on Wednesday while fighting a large fire near the southern village of Petrovo, the Interior Ministry said. In another fire in the southern village of Starosel, people were evacuated after grass fire destroyed six houses.

WHO: Rich Countries to Stop Revaccination

Rich countries to stop revaccination - this is what the World Health Organization demanded. Several Western countries have announced that in less than a month they will start giving a third dose of coronavirus vaccines.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 429 New Cases

During the last 24 hours, 429 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Bulgaria with 20,868 tests performed (nearly 2.06% positive). Four people have died, according to the Unified Information Portal. The confirmed cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic are already 426,432, of which 9,482 are active. A total of 18,229 people died.

Πρασίνισε ξανά μεγάλη έκταση στην Ολυμπιάδα Χαλκιδικής μετά από εκτενή έργα αποκατάστασης τής Ελληνικός Χρυσός

Για να πρασινίσει και πάλι η περιοχή απομακρύνθηκαν οι αρσενοπυρίτες, που είχαν αποτεθεί εκεί τη δεκαετία του '80 και αποτελούσαν την κύρια πηγή ρύπανσης, και έγιναν εδαφοβελτιωτικά έργα ώστε το έδαφος να γίνει κατάλληλο για φύτευση 3.700 φυτών που ανήκουν σε είδη της τοπική χλωρίδας.

H Τζένιφερ Άνιστον «λιώνει» για την Τζένιφερ Λόπεζ: Είναι τόσο πανέμορφη

«Θέλω να μάθω τι είναι αυτό που της δίνει την έξαψη στο βλέμμα. Είναι εκπληκτικό. Φαίνεται σαν είναι θυμωμένη με κάποιον, αλλά είναι τόσο πανέμορφη», λέει η ηθοποιός για τη λατίνα σταρ