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Refugees face police violence at EU’s Balkan border

Huddled around cooking fires as winter looms in Bosnia, refugees are risking beatings and humiliation from Croatian police in the desperate hope of a new life in the European Union.

Largely from Afghanistan, many of them have endured months or years of flight from war and poverty, only to be met by Croatian police clubs and pointed guns at the gates to EU territory.

Podgoršek attends meeting of agriculture ministers in Poland

Krakow – Agriculture Minister Jože Podgoršek was invited by his Polish counterpart Grzegorz Puda to attend a meeting of agriculture ministers within the Three Seas Initiative. The ministers discussed securing feed protein production in the EU and the transition to a green and digital agricultural economy.

Balkan Insight’s Week in Pictures

Italian President Sergio Mattarella (R) welcomes his Croatian counterpart Zoran Milanovic (L) at the Quirinal Palace in Rome, Italy, on October 22, 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/Quirinal Press Office/Paolo Giandotti .

A farmer on a tractor cultivates a field for autumn sowing near the Bulgarian town of Razgrad on October 21, 202​1. Photo: EPA-EFE/Vassil Donev.

"All these people are stupid then, and we're smart?"

Also, Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration, Attila Cseke, said that there is a possibility that the infection rate will reach 20.000 cases a day in that country.

This is what a health disaster looks like

This is due to widespread skepticism about vaccines, but also the inability of the president and government to convince the people of the need for vaccination.
The video from the University Clinic in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, is hard to bear.

Slovenia had highest increase in electricity price in EU in H1

Luxembourg – The average electricity prices for households increased slightly in the first half of the year at the EU level compared to the same period in 2020 to EUR 21.9 per 100 kilowatt hours, with the largest increase recorded in Slovenia, Eurostat has reported.

Bulgaria: How Long will the Price of Living Continue to Rise?

"There is no way to overtake Romania in terms of income for a month, simply because there is some difference in inflation. Romania's gross domestic product is about 20% more than ours. This was stated in the studio of "Hello, Bulgaria" by the financier Lyubomir Datsov.

574 Romanians Have Died in 24 hours from COVID-19

574 Romanians have lost their lives in the last 24 hours due to complications from COVID-19, Reuters reported, citing the government in Bucharest. This is the highest number of victims since the beginning of the pandemic.

The new cases confirmed during the day are 18,863 with 81,054 tests performed. More than 1,800 people are being treated in intensive care units.

Moldova Seeks European Help to Tackle Gas Supply Crisis

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita said on Tuesday that Moldova is currently engaged in intensive negotiations with Russian state company Gazprom on extending its gas supply contract, but is looking at several gas supply possibilities in other European countries as well.

Kosovo has Become the Leader in Vaccination in the Western Balkans

Kosovo is the country with the largest share of receiving at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine in the Western Balkans. The country, which later launched mass immunization, quickly caught up, but also surpassed the former leader, Serbia, and Northern Macedonia and Montenegro, which managed to speed up their campaign in the summer, according to data from the Our World in Data platform.

US aircraft arrive in Greek airbase for multinational drills

Fifteen F-15E aircraft belonging to the U.S. Air Forces have arrived at an airbase in Greece in support of a multinational training event on the eve of the signing of the updated new protocol of the Defense Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) between Athens and Washington.