Latest News from Romania

PM Dancila announces new ministerial picks: Dana Garbovan for Justice, Mihai Fifor for Interior, Iulian Iancu – Deputy PM for economic affairs

Prime Minister and national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Viorica Dancila announced on Friday that, according to the decision of the PSD Executive Committee, Ana Birchall will be removed from the helm of the Justice Ministry, to be appointed instead as Deputy PM for the implementation of Romania's strategic partnerships.

Countries Mark 80 Years since Pact that Divided Europe

The governments of Romania, Poland and the Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania condemned "the crimes perpetrated under the ideology of Nazism and Stalinism" in a joint statement on Friday marking the 80th anniversary of the Nazi-Soviet pact that divided Europe into spheres of influence.

Bulgaria Ranks Last in the EU in Online Holiday Booking

Bulgaria ranks last in the European Union (EU) in online holiday booking, Eurostat statistics for 2017 show.

In the EU in 2017, 50% of internet users said they had booked their vacations online. Only 17% of the Bulgarian population planned their vacations this way.

Fitch Agency: Bulgaria Could Adopt the Euro in 2023

Bulgaria can adopt the euro by 2023. This is stated in a report by the rating agency Fitch.

The document recalls that the procedure began last year and a final decision on joining the ERM 2, also known as the euro waiting room, is expected by the end of this procedure.

Six countries to take part in VSLO Visual Arts International Festival

Artists from the US, Greece, Sweden, Poland, Norway and Romania will participate in this year's edition of the VSLO Visual Arts International Festival, which will take place at Vama Veche, August 23-September 1. According to a statement released by organisers, world-renowned university readers from the six participating countries, photographers and cinematographers are invited to the event.

The Low Cost FlixBus Adds New Direct Lines from Bulgaria

Аs of August, Europe's largest international bus service provider, FlixBus, is adding new routes to its network and doubling the number of countries that can be reached directly from Bulgaria.

Energy forum to take place in Thessaloniki

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics are the co-organizers of the Southeast Europe Energy Forum that will take place at the Met Hotel in Thessaloniki on September 6, a day before the opening of the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair.

Week in Review: Expecting the Unexpected

China's Footprint

China has been deepening its footprint in Serbia for years, primarily through infrastructure loans and construction projects, all packaged as part of the Belt and Road Initiative. There have also been some major investments, such as the Smederevo Steel Plant, or in the Bor mining complex.

Romania is Considering Excluding Huawei From its 5G Network

Romania could exclude Chinese giant Huawei from its future 5G network, according to a joint statement by the presidents of the United States and Romania.

The document, signed by Klaus Werner Iohannis  and Donald Trump, says the two sides will seek to avoid the security risks associated with Chinese investment in building a 5G telecommunications network.

Intensive Traffic at Four Border Checkpoints Both for Cars and Trucks

The traffic at Kalotina border checkpoint, Lesovo border checkpoint, Danube bridge checkpoint and Danube bridge 2 checkpoint is intensive. This was reported by DG Border Police. The traffic information at the border checkpoints is from 1 pm.

The US and Romania Will Work to Strengthen Defense in NATO's Eastern Flank

Romanian and US presidents - Klaus Iohannis and Donald Trump, endorsed a joint statement last night at the White House, in which, among other things, the US stressed its support for Romania's efforts to enter the visa waiver program for Romanian citizens, BTA reported.