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North Macedonia’s mixed signals about the Prespa Agreement

All eyes in Athens were on North Macedonia this weekend, as its new government and prime minister were sworn in. While Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski referred to his country as "North Macedonia" when taking his oath, his statements regarding the Prespa Agreement have not been reassuring, and Greece has warned that the a la carte implementation of Prespa is a violation of the agreement.

Beleri appeal rejected; elected MEP to remain behind bars

A court of appeals in Tirana on Tuesday rejected an appeal by Fredi Beleri, the mayor-elect of the ethnic Greek city of Himare and an elected MEP for Greece, who ran as a New Democracy candidate in this month's European Parliament election.

Two more suspects arrested in connection with urban guerrilla group

The Hellenic Police (ELAS) on Tuesday announced the arrest of two more suspects in connection with a campaign targeting symbols of the "establishment," including a court, a bank and a company, with makeshift explosives and grenades.