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Latest activity in Balkans

Aging bus fleets compounding commuter woes

More than 130 bus and trolley-bus services are being canceled each day due to aging fleets and a lack of financial resources, causing further disruption for commuters, according to the latest data. 

Venice and the global threat

As floodwaters in Saint Mark's Square are no longer a novelty, and knowing that, in any case, Venice has a problem as it was built in a lagoon, most of us probably did not understand the severity of the danger posed by this week's flooding of the city that once reigned over much of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Athens museums change opening hours on Sunday for Polytechnic events

The opening hours of Athens' main state-run museums will alter this Sunday (November 17) to accomodate the events held in commemoration of the 1973 Polytechnic students uprising, the Culture Ministry said.
According to the announcement, the working hours will be the following:

Mitsotakis vows to support Zaev if Prespes deal honored

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday essentially offered his support to North Macedonia Premier Zoran Zaev and his country's effort to unstick its stalled bid for European Union accession talks but emphasized that Skopje would have to honor the terms of the Prespes name deal. 

North Macedonia Commemorates Soldiers Killed in Yugoslav Wars

Senior presidential, government and municipal officials, as well as representatives of war veterans, laid flowers on Friday in front of the monument dubbed 'Mother's Broken Wing' in central Skopje in memory of the 54 young Macedonians who lost their lives amid the collapse of the federal Yugoslav state.

Court voids IOR Park land retrocession act

The Bucharest Court of Appeal has admitted the nullity of the retrocession of 12 hectares of the Bucharest Sector 3 IOR Park, Sector mayor Robert Negoita said on Friday in a press briefing delivered right near the respective plot. "It is a great day for all District 3 residents and, I could say, even for Bucharesters and Romania.

Editorial: From the diplomacy of the “sons-in-law” to chaos

There has been plenty of bargaining in this era of instability and geopolitical shifts.

A characteristic example is the "diplomacy of the sons-in-law", an apt description of the "trade" between Trump and Erdogan covering everyone and everything in violation of the norms that prevailed on the international stage in previous years.

Serbia Convicts Bosnian Serb Troops of Killing Prisoners

Belgrade Higher Court on Friday sentenced Joja Plavanjac to 15 years in prison and Zdravko Narancic to seven years for their roles in the killings of 11 civilian detainees at a prison in Bosanska Krupa in Bosnia on August 3, 1992.

Plavanjac was convicted of killing the prisoners and Narancic of helping him.