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Latest activity in Balkans

Bulgaria's Resort Sunny Beach is Ready for Tourists

The three beaches in Sunny Beach - north, central and south, are in good condition and ready to welcome the first tourists. All concessionaires in the resort have met the deadlines and have duly fulfilled their obligations under the contracts. Umbrellas and sunbeds are already placed on the sand and there is a large enough distance between them, which ensures the safety of beachgoers.

3rd day in a row with no new COVID-19 deaths

For the third day in a row, no new coronavirus deaths have been reported in Greece.

Authorities said Sunday that, since Saturday afternoon, only two new cases have been reported, raising the total to 2,917. The number of fatalities remains at 175.

Also, 13 patients are hooked to ventilators, while 106 have left intensive care.


The way out

After about two months of complete confinement, we appear to have suddenly come out of it. Just like that, from one moment to the next. During the past eight weeks Greek citizens have been bombarded with warnings from reputable epidemiologists about the lethal danger lurking outside our doors.

Bulgaria is One of the Most Financially Affected by the Pandemic Countries

Bulgaria is one of the most financially affected countries as a result of the COVID pandemic crisis. This shows a study by the European Parliament. According to the survey, the biggest problems for residents of the Member States are related to loss of income, unemployment and inability to cover their debts.

Luxury homes see interest grow

Greece's luxury holiday home market is evolving into a new hotspot for the planet's ultra-rich. The country has appeared on the radars of individuals on the Forbes lists of the wealthiest people, property professionals say. Even more importantly, this is happening while the pandemic is ongoing and despite its consequences on the global economy.