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Latest activity in Balkans

Kostas Tasoulas secures wide MP support as new House president

Greek lawmakers on Thursday approved with an overwhelming majority the appointment of Kostas Tasoulas as new Parliament president, in their first vote since the House convened after the July general elections.

A New Study on the Dual Standard of Food Begins

The products for the new tests have already been purchased, writes Nova TV. 
The state is launching a new study on a dual standard in food and alcohol on our and European markets.

The Month of the Perseids Begins

From July 17th every year begins the activity of the most intense meteor shower in the summer months. Perseids are expected to offer 1-2 falling stars per minute during their peak between August 10 and August 15.

Prank call briefly shuts down two Athens metro stations

Authorities on Thursday morning briefly shut down the Egaleo and Aghia Marina stations on the Athens metro after a bomb threat was called in.
Police officers who rushed at the scene said that no evidence of an explosive device was found.
Train services on Line 3 resumed shortly after authorities gave the green light.