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Latest activity in Balkans

Latvia: If Ukraine Loses, We are Next

Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks called on the partners to increase support for Ukraine so that they do not have to defend Latvia later, the Delfi portal reported.

"Ukraine is now fighting our war - and if it loses, the next one will come and we will pay the price for it," Pabriks said. He added that the allies did not understand this.

Bulgarian MP: We have No Reason to Lift the Veto on North Macedonia

"The topic of North Macedonia has become an object of political abuse of all kinds. There is a strategic solution for Bulgaria, we must look for possible solutions, not to accumulate political dividends. Our task as a state is not to veto or stop RNM but to complete our goals - the rights of Bulgarians in the Republic of North Macedonia, the common history, the language of hatred.

Russia has allowed Gas Supplies to Gazprom Germany for 90 days

The Russian government has authorized the temporary lifting of "mirror sanctions" and allowed for 90 days the flow of natural gas supplies from Yamal LNG to Gazprom Marketing & Trading Singapore Ltd, which is part of Gazprom Germany, shows a government decree on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

1/3 of the Signals for Dangerous Foods in the EU are from Bulgaria

"In 2 and a half years, Bulgaria has sent 660 notifications to the EU about dangerous foods. 85% of them are for imports of food from Turkey and as many pesticides. Bulgaria is one of the countries with the most signals, 1/3 of all in the Union. Turkey ranks second in the number of notifications for dangerous foods ".