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Serbia Marks NATO Bombing Anniversary as Nationalists Protest

An official state ceremony led by President Aleksandar Vucic was held in the southern Serbian city of Nis on Sunday evening, while at the same time nationalists protested in Belgrade on the anniversary of the start of the NATO military campaign on March 24.

Vucic told about 2,000 Serbians who attended the ceremony in Nis that the NATO bombing was a crime.

#AGERPRES130 MP Gigel Stirbu: National News Agency, institution proving professionalism, held in high regard

The National News Agency is an institution that proves professionalism is held in high regard, the Chair of the Culture, Arts, Mass-Media Committee with the Chamber of Deputies, Gigel Stirbu, says on the occasion of the 130th anniversary since the establishment of AGERPRES. "What I can say is that I appreciate very much what is going on there, at AGERPRES, the work of that team.

Twenty Years on, Kosovo Remains Unfinished Business

NATO started bombing the next afternoon, on March 24, 1999. The air campaign lasted 78 days until Milosevic surrendered. I was proud of America for going to war to stop the genocide in Kosovo.

This week is the 20-year anniversary of NATO's intervention. Kosovo is free and independent. That can't be reversed.