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Kielce head coach, Talant Dujshebaev, reacts during the EHF Champions League handball match between CS Dinamo Bucharest and Lomza Vive Kiel​ce in the Romanian captial on September 16 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/Robert Ghement.

Interim Bulgarian Prime Minister Stefan Yanev during an official ceremony in the capital of Sofia on September 16, 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/Vassil Donev.

EU Scoffs at Balkan Mini Schengen

The EU administration assessed negatively the initiative "Mini Schengen", also known as "Open Balkan", of the leaders of North Macedonia, Serbia and Albania and believes that it undermines the region's European integration.

The request to register the Cetinje Monastery in the MCP was rejected

The decision of the Cetinje regional unit of the Cadastre and State Property Administration, which was inspected by the Mina agency, rejects as unfounded the request for "correction of the wrongly registered property right" over several real estates and orders that the Cetinje monastery be registered as the owner of those real estates or MCP, RTCG reports.

Croatian, Montenegrin Presidents Accuse Vucic of Reviving Serbian Nationalism

Montenegrin and Croatian presidents, Milo Djukanovic and Zoran Milanovic, in Zagreb. Photo: President of Montenegro

During his visit to Croatia, Djukanovic said Serbia's President, Aleksandar Vucic, was reviving the retrograde political messages of the wars of the 1990s in former Yugoslavia.

Serbia Launches New Holiday, Raises Concerns across Balkans

Serbia has celebrated a new national day of unity, amid concerns from neighbours in the western Balkans.

On Wednesday, Belgrade kicked off the holiday with a display of military power and calls for all Serbs in the Balkans to unite under one flag.

Reshuffle Demand Further Strains Montenegro’s Fragile Govt

Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic and the ruling majority MPs in the parliament. Photo: Government of Montenegro

In a joint statement on Thursday, the Democratic Front, DF, and Democratic Montenegro said the new cabinet should have both non-party and party ministers.

Djukanovic has a new plan to neutralize Serbia?

Whether that will really happen is unknown for now, but these days, there are suggestions for just that - for America to be more engaged in Montenegro. According to Blic, they come from former American diplomats who, in addition to that idea, warn of "Serbian nationalism in the country", but also of Moscow's attempts to "use it to destabilize the Balkans".

Week in Review: Shuffling and Reshuffling

Reshuffling the Cards

Montenegrin PM Zdravko Krivokapic and Deputy PM Dritan Abazovic in a police camp training. Photo: Government of Montenegro

Turkey eyes $7.5 bln in property sales to foreigners

Expecting a total amount of nearly $7.5 billion in sales to foreigners this year, the Turkish property market ranks among the top 10 in the world, according to an executive of a sectoral association.

"Foreign real estate buyers' interest in Turkey has soared in the last two years," said Hakan Bucak, a board member of the Real Estate International Promotion Association (Gigder).

Merkel Bids Farewell to Balkans with Exhortation to Reform

Angela Merkel visited the Albanian capital Tirana on Tuesday, the last stop on a brief farewell Balkan tour which saw the German chancellor encourage the countries in the region to push ahead with reforms to improve their chances of joining the European Union.

After Violence, Only Reshuffle May Avert Montenegrin Election

Violent protests in Montenegro have exposed anew the tensions within the country's ruling majority, but since few in power want a fresh election a reshuffle looks the most likely outcome.

New COVID-19 Rules Keep Travel To-From Balkans Limited

Measures to enter some Balkan and European countries have been tightened in the last 30 days as the number of newly registered COVID-19 cases increases, making travel to and from the region a complicated affair.