Latest News from Greece

Property prices recorded robust growth of 7.3 percent last year

Property prices in Greece recorded their biggest rise of the last decade last year, as the RE/MAX estate agency network's annual survey points to an average increase of 7.3 percent from 2017, when annual growth had only come to 1 percent.

US Senate highlights Greece's geostrategic significance

In a resolution on the occasion of the 198th anniversary of Greek independence, the US Senate has emphasized Greece's geostrategic significance and hailed the enhanced framework of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

The resolution, signed by 27 Senators, noted Greece's dedication through time to the values of democracy and freedom.

Tsipras sees Greek upgrade

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras insisted on Friday after the European Union summit in Brussels that despite Europe's difficulties, Greece has, through the sacrifices of its people, upgraded its prestige and its role in international developments and has surprised its EU partners with the performance of its economy.

Water quality remainshigh despite austerity

Despite the draconian austerity adopted during an eight-year bailout program to keep the country's debt-laden economy afloat, the quality of tap water reaching Greek households remains one of the best in the world, officials told Xinhua in recent interviews on the occasion of of the World Water Day on Friday.

Disney Cruises returningto Greek seas next year

An increasing number of cruise passenger arrivals in Greece are from the US, according to Athens International Airport data, which reveals American arrivals have increased over 113 percent during the last five years, with many traveling to the country for its varied cruise options.

Citizens alone against crime

A chronic and systemic problem in Greece is lackadaisical law enforcement, which undermines citizens' sense of security and shakes their faith in justice.

The Procrustean method

It was certainly not a surprise. Nevertheless, aggregated data from Greeks' income tax declarations provide undeniable evidence of the Procrustean policy mix that was implemented in Greece in recent years. 

Existing inequalities deepened, and incomes dropped while tax revenues headed higher. 

Nick Waterhouse | Athens & Thessaloniki | March 30 & 31

Known for his evocative blend of classic rock'n'roll with garage and soul, LA-based singer-songwriter Nick Waterhouse is coming back to Greece after a sold-out show in 2017 to perform at Athens's Fuzz Club and Thessaloniki's Fix Factory on Saturday and Sunday, March 30 and 31, respectively.

Akar’s remarks ‘not based on reason,’ Greek Defense Minister says

Hours after Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar reportedly claimed that the Aegean Sea and Cyprus lie within Turkey's territorial waters, his Greek counterpart Evangelos Apostolakis urged Ankara officials to refrain from unreasonable statements that fuel bilateral tension.

North Macedonia: Three candidates in presidential race

Election authorities in North Macedonia say three people, including a law professor who is the country's first female candidate, will run for president of the newly renamed country in April 21 elections.

Squeezing the few for revenues

For every 10 euros the tax authorities collect, half comes from 5 percent of taxpayers and the other half from the remaining 95 percent, tax data processed by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue show.