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Ankara’s ‘paper war’ maintains tension

Overflights by Turkish fighters over Greek airspace, a lasting major source of tension between the two nominal allies, may have virtually ceased over the past six months, but this has not lulled Greek officials into believing that Turkey has abandoned its disputing of Greek sovereignty over large parts of the Aegean.

A bulwark against a demographic collapse

A dramatic demographic deterioration was one of the many factors that contributed to the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and the collapse of the centuries-old Byzantine Empire. The city's population had shrunk dramatically, and especially with regard to younger age groups.

TACK | Athens | April 23

Catch "TACK" at the Onassis Cultural Center on April 23 at 8.30 p.m. Directed by Greek-British filmmaker Vania Turner, the documentary follows Olympic champion Sofia Bekatorou and young sailing champion Amalia Provelengiou in Greece's #MeToo movement. A Q&A with the director will follow. 

Greece must further develop its air defenses, minister says

Fighters taking part in the Iniochos 2024 multinational air exercise fly over the coast of the southwestern Peloponnese on Thursday. The 10-day exercise lasted 10 daysn and eight countries, besides Greece, took part: Cyprus, France, Montenegro, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the UK.

Greece in Americans’ top five

Overseas markets, such as the US, Australia, China, Japan, Korea and Canada, from where the air journey to Greece takes more than 10 hours, offer scope for significant further development of Greek tourism.

Travel receipts soared by 24.5% in Jan-Feb

Travel receipts posted a remarkable 24.5% increase year-on-year in Greece in January and February, Bank of Greece data showed on Friday, helping moderate the country's current account deficit.

Tourism with rationed water and jerricans

"The tourism sector has to adapt to the situation we are experiencing, which is absolutely abnormal," a member of the Catalan government told the Financial Times in an article published on April 18. "It is a very important sector, but with the same rights and the same obligations as any other."

Studying Islam outside of stereotypes

In December 2016, the first graduates of the newly established program Introduction to Muslim Studies, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, sat down to study Islam, an emerging world which, in one way or another (positive or negative), we find before us and must learn to "read," away from stereotypes and prejudices.

Civil Protection is renewing its fleet with €2.1 bln

Greece will bolster the equipment of Civil Protection through the Aegis program with a total budget of 2.1 billion euros, with significant additions to its air, ground, technological and other equipment in 2025: over new 10 aircraft, as many new helicopters and more than 1,100 fire engines are included in this program.

Honoring the spirit of Lord Byron

Defense Minister Nikos Dendias attended an event held at Trinity College Cambridge on Friday marking the 200th anniversary of Lord Byron's death. In his greeting, Dendias referred to George Gordon Byron's special relationship with Greece and his contribution to the struggle for Greek independence.

Two paradoxes in a row

On what criteria is Greece's European strategy based? The question arises from our country's completely paradoxical attitude on two major issues: first, the single market, and second, the debate on the joint defense bonds. 

Wet front brings highest rainfall to Skopelos, Karditsa

Thessaly in central Greece and the Sporades Islands off Evia were the regions affected by the heavy rainfall and thunderstorms that swept in on Friday, the National Observatory of Athens' weather service Meteo said on Saturday.

Most untouched beaches found in Mani, Karpathos

Eastern Mani in southern Greece and the islands of Karpathos and Syros have been deemed to have the most environmentally friendly beaches, and will be spared of umbrella loungers this year, according to a list drafted by the Finance Ministry of 198 "untouched" beaches in 49 municipalities, published on Friday.