Latest News from Greece

EasyJet with Routes to 30 Countries in August

In August, the low-cost airline EasyJet will serve 30 countries. There is a dropout of three countries compared to the same month in 2019 - Estonia, Finland, Norway and Slovenia will no longer be served, although all of them except Norway will "return" in September-November.

Death by a Thousand Derogations: The Geneva Refugee Convention and the EU

Over the last ten years, well over a million people have taken the same step without suffering the same fate. In Greece, a gateway to the EU, those refugees and migrants that are stopped by the authorities tend to be funnelled into an overcrowded asylum system: to unsanitary camps, hostels, and purpose-built facilities.

Turkish defense minister urges Greece for disarmament of Aegean Island

Turkey expects Greece to adopt peaceful political solutions rather than aggressive ones, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on July 27, calling for the disarmament of the Greek islands that have non-military status through treaties.


Tourists from Romania 46.7 Percent of All EU Visitors to Bulgaria

In June, in the conditions of pandemic, Bulgarian citizens took 458,700 trips abroad, National Statistical Institute data show.  In June, 2019 the number of trips abroad was over 717,000. The number of visits by foreigners to Bulgaria in June, 2021 was 742,800,

Turkey rescues 388 asylum seekers after Greek pushback

Between July 17 and July 22, Turkish Coast Guard units in the Aegean Izmir province rescued 388 asylum seekers illegally pushed back to Turkey's territorial waters by Greek forces, authorities said on July 26. 

North Macedonia Jails Ex-Speaker Over Storming of Parliament

The Criminal Court in Skopje on Monday in a first instance verdict sentenced former speaker of parliament Trajko Veljanoski to six years and six months in jail and former transport and former labour ministers, Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski, to six years and three months in jail each.

The former head of the secret police, Vladimir Atanasovski, was jailed for six years .

U.S. message: "Pristina has the right not to accept territorial changes, but then..."

It is also said that "if Albin Kurti is not interested in the Washington agreement, then that agreement is dead."
As Bolton points out, the important question is what attitude the Biden administration will take towards the Balkans in relation to Trump, but also that Washington is currently dealing more with domestic issues than with foreign policy.

Reservations in tourism at 60% of 2019 levels

The Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, sent an optimistic message about the course of tourism, noting that the goal has been achieved, as we are over 60% of 2019.