New Low-Cost Airline Flies to Sofia!

Lufthansa City Airlines, a new low-cost airline, will make its first flight on June 26, focusing on connecting flights for its parent company from hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. According to Euronews, Bulgaria is among its destinations. The airline will start flights this month to Berlin, Bremen, Cologne Bonn, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Hanover.

Third Night of Protests in Paris: More than 80 People were Detained

More than 80 people have been detained in successive protests against the pension reform in France.

In Paris, there were clashes between the police and demonstrators for the third night in a row. Law enforcement used tear gas against the protesters, who erected barricades and started burning garbage containers.

Tourism: Large hotels hit by “great resignation” – Now hiring just about anyone

There are tens of thousands of vacant jobs in tourist areas in Greece, waiting to be filled. At the same time and due to the pandemic, another problem arose. Hotel workers quit their jobs to find something more stable as the pandemic also affected tourism.

All Eyes on Macron after Fresh 'Yellow Vest' Protests Hit Paris

A huge clean-up operation was under way in Paris on Sunday after French "yellow vest" demonstrators clashed with riot police in the latest round of protests against President Emmanuel Macron, but a heavy security deployment averted a repeat of last week's destruction, reports AFP.