New Low-Cost Airline Flies to Sofia!

Lufthansa City Airlines, a new low-cost airline, will make its first flight on June 26, focusing on connecting flights for its parent company from hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. According to Euronews, Bulgaria is among its destinations. The airline will start flights this month to Berlin, Bremen, Cologne Bonn, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Hanover.

Strikes Threaten Chaos at German Airports

A nationwide warning strike by security personnel on February 1 is poised to cause significant disruptions at major airports across Germany. The strike, driven by demands for higher wages and improved working conditions, is expected to impact key travel hubs, including Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Hanover, Leipzig, Dresden, and Erfurt.

Angry farmers stage Germany-wide tractor blockades

Furious farmers opposed to German government plans to cut tax breaks for agriculture used tractors to block roads across the country on Monday in an escalating dispute.

The coordinated nationwide demonstration targeted motorway access ramps in particular, snarling traffic, and followed a smaller ill-tempered demonstration in Berlin last month.

Berlin fest cheers mum’s fight for son at Guantanamo

The true story of a mother's battle to bring her son back from Guantanamo Bay premiered to cheers in Berlin Saturday, as the German filmmakers called for reparations for the family.

"Rabiye Kurnaz vs George W. Bush" is one of 18 movies from around the world vying for the Berlinale film festival's Golden Bear top prize, to be awarded on Feb. 16.

Mitsotakis vows to scrap Ministry of Digital Policy

Conservative opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday vowed to scrap the Ministry of Digital Policy, currently led by SYRIZA's Nikos Pappas, when New Democracy comes to power, accusing the leftist-led government of undermining the progress of Greece's digital technology sector which includes 8,000 businesses that contribute 8 percent to gross domestic product.

Fire at Bremen migrant home injures many

Thirty-seven people, including 10 children, were injured in a fire that broke out early Sunday in a migrant housing centre in the northern German city of Bremen, fire and police officials said.
The fire started in a rubbish bin in the basement of the building, which was home to more than 100 migrants, a police spokesman said.

Is RAF organization still active?

Three former members of the extreme leftist organization RAF who are still at large have been linked to a failed armored car robbery attempt near Bremen last summer, German officials said Tuesday.

The incident occurred in June when three masked people fired on a cash transport outside a supermarket near the northern city of Bremen, Deutsche Welle reports.