Kazakhstan calls for Western travelers

Calling themselves "stan countries," Central Asian countries are looking to boost their tourism industries. Kazakhstan, which welcomes tourists from Russia, China and India, is eyeing for Western travelers as well.

If you're looking for something different, uncustomary and lesser known countries in your travel plan for a holiday, have a go at Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

Over 1,100 illegal migrants nabbed in five days

Security forces carried out five-day operations targeting illegal migration, apprehending 1,117 irregular migrants during the Eid holiday across the country, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya has announced.

In a post on the social media platform X on April 12, Yerlikaya stated that the operations dubbed "Shield-19" also included inspections with mobile migration checkpoints.

Turkish authorities seize third largest cocaine haul

Turkish police have seized the third largest haul of cocaine in the country's history, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced on April 11 amid tightening crackdowns on organized crime rings.

Some 608 kilograms of cocaine, most of it in liquid form, were confiscated in an operation across three provinces, Yerlikaya posted on the social media platform X.

Istanbul takes traffic measures as residents return after Eid

Authorities in Istanbul, a bustling metropolis home to 16 million, are implementing safety measures to enhance traffic flow and prevent accidents as citizens return home following the nine-day Eid holiday.

Istanbul Police Headquarters announced a series of traffic measures to be implemented between April 5 and 15, the period of the holiday and the second-semester break.

Turkish tourists flock to Lesvos

Turkish tourists are flocking to Lesvos on the occasion of the seker bayrami holiday in Turkey, with more than 1,700 visitors arriving on five ships from Ayvali on the opposite coast on Thursday.

The visitors were welcomed at the port of Mytilene with ouzo, sweets and hats by representatives from the local municipality and other agencies.