Five cities account for more than half of Türkiye’s exports

Five cities accounted for 56.3 percent of Türkiye's overall exports in May, according to data from the Trade Ministry.

Exports by companies based in Istanbul, the country's financial and commercial center, increased by 14 percent year-on-year last month to $5.64 billion, which corresponded to 23.4 percent of Türkiye's export revenues.

Turkish corvette arrives in Japan as part of honorary voyage

The Turkish corvette TCG Kınalıada has arrived in Japan as part of its expedition to the Far East, retracing the route of the ill-fated frigate Ertuğrul, which sank en route from Japan in 1890.

The voyage also marks the centennial milestone of diplomatic ties between Türkiye and Japan.

The arrival was announced by a Defense Ministry post on June 8.

E-commerce volume in Türkiye more than doubled last year

The e-commerce volume in Türkiye increased more than 115 percent last year from 2022 to reach 1.85 trillion Turkish Liras ($77.9 billion), according to a report by the Trade Industry.

The ministry forecasts that the e-commerce volume will hit 3.4 trillion liras and the number of transactions will reach 6.67 billion in 2024.

Greek nationals in fatal car accident in Turkey

A car accident in Usak, western Turkey, resulted in the death of one Greek national and injured two others on Thursday morning. 

According to Turkish media, the rented car carrying three Greek citizens overturned. The driver lost control on the Izmir-Ankara highway, causing the vehicle to fall into a ditch.