Agricultural damage found to be far greater than Ianos

The Ministry of Rural Development and Food estimates that damage caused by the Daniel weather system to crop and animal production on the Thessaly Plain, a region famous for its agricultural production, will be three times worse than that which resulted from Ianos in 2020.

Some 73,000 hectares across Thessaly are under water, with 50,000-55,000 sown with cotton. 

Disaster of biblical proportions

Three people have reportedly died as a result of the Daniel weather system which has been battering many parts of Greece for more than two days.

Two Austrian newlyweds were also believed to be missing after the holiday accommodation they were staying at was swept away on Tuesday in the Pelion region.

Expert calls for villages to be moved due to landslides

The state should consider moving certain mountain settlements to a different location instead of investing in expensive anti-erosion works, says Efthymis Lekkas, professor of dynamic tectonic applied geology at Athens University and head of the Organization of Earthquake Planning and Protection.

Town of Karditsa boasts Thessaly's first car recharging station

Karditsa in central Greece has installed Thessaly's first charging station for electric vehicles. The station's units feature double sockets, allowing them to charge two vehicles at the same time.

However, users will have to use their own cables to charge up. Financial support for the project was provided by the Green Fund.

Authorities find largest ever illegal cannabis plantation in Northern Greece

Authorities on Tuesday said they found the largest ever illegal cannabis plantation in Greece in the region of the northern town of Karditsa.

Police arrested a 44-year-old man on Monday and are looking for his 24-year-old accomplice. 

An estimated 10,500 plants were uprooted and seized by police. The two suspects were to appear before a prosecutor.