Mid East tension hits stocks, hopes for containment stem losses

Equities retreated on April 15 after Iran ramped up Middle East tensions by launching a barrage of missiles and drones at Israel over the weekend, fuelling fears of a wider conflict in the volatile region.

However, analysts said there was hope among traders that the crisis could be contained.

That sliver of optimism helped drag oil prices lower.

Bollywood celebrates rocking year, riding high on action flicks, unbridled masculinity and misogyny

Bollywood has made a financial comeback in 2023 worthy of one of its traditional singing-on-top-of-the-hills moments.

India's Hindi language movie industry made an impressive recovery after a pandemic-driven slowdown, audience fatigue with big studio productions and Bollywood megastars, and streaming platforms taking away a large chunk of viewership.

Plane held for days in France on trafficking concerns lands in India

A plane that had been grounded in France for days over concerns its roughly 300 mostly Indian passengers were part of a human trafficking scheme landed in Mumbai early Tuesday.

The Airbus A340 initially had been bound for Nicaragua when it was detained last Thursday at Vatry airport, east of Paris, where it had stopped for refuelling.

Indian goddess inspired Rolling Stones logo

One of the world's most famous symbols of a band - the ruby red tongue and lips of the Rolling Stones - was inspired by the Indian goddess Kali, Mick Jagger has told Indian media.

Britain's Victoria and Albert Museum, which holds the original artwork in its collections, calls it "one of the world's most instantly recognizable symbols of rock and roll."